Symbolism of Wisteria

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Symbolism of Wisteria

Anyone who has seen the lush beauty of wisteria draping dreamily across a warm summer landscape can relate to its meanings of:

  • Beauty
  • Love
  • Fertility
  • Exapansion

These are just primer attributes.  The wisteria has a long history of symbolism. 

Wisteria is remarkably important in Chinese art, feng shui and has distinct symbolism in Buddhism.

More interestingly, I appreciate how wisteria symbolism can be assocated with the spiral.  As its growth patters run in a spiral motion, the wisteria winds a labyrinth of meanings in our interpretive minds.

Perhaps that’s why wisteria is a symbol for prayer to the Buddhist mind – a spiraling unfolding – of consciousness, reaching out to the divine that is mimicked by the growth pattern of the vine.

Find out more about about symbolic meaning of wisteria here.

3 Comments on “Symbolism of Wisteria”

  1. I find the topic of your post uncanny. I just returned from a business trip inter-state. One of my new clients has Wisteria as part of its name. Go figure! The Universe has things in store!

    I had forgotten about the gut-wrenching Japanese film you mention. The appearance of this Wisteria plant reminds me of the weeping willow. You can sense the intense feelings and the effort it makes to reach out and grasp as far as it can. I love your reflections on this subject.

  2. Hi Liara,

    Get out! Synchronicities & wonders!

    This post actually came via request.

    A gentleman contacted me through my other website inquiring about the symbolism of wisteria as he was unable to find much elsewhere on the ‘net.

    The crazy roller-coaster ways messages comes to us…limitless, astounding, beautiful. Makes me think again of that spiral effect.

    Peace & light,

  3. Hey A.
    According to your Flower Zodiac page on your other site I’m a Chrysanthemum (Scorpio). I like your twist on the zodiac by incorporating flowers. You have my sign down really well – in fact, better in the context of flower than I’ve seen elsewhere (traditional) summaries of zodiac personalites. Thanks.

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