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Symbolic Numerology: Meaning of Same Sequence Numbers

same sequence numbersA reader wrote to me saying she was seeing the same sequence numbers all the time. For example, she would see 111 on her digital clock, 444 on her parking ticket, 888 as her change back from a purchase, etc.

She was curious about the meaning of same sequence numbers, and asked my thoughts about the phenomenon, to which I respond:

Numbers have very clean energy. They are what they are – they are consistent and timeless.

This is why they are so great as oracles or messengers because they provide a foundation (i.e., A three will always mean the same. Likewise, an eight will always carry the same meaning too).

The only variables will be the context in which we observe these numbers. For example, our observation, thought, even our life situation is a variable against the structural foundation of numbers.

Numbers are made of energy – just like you and me.

It is my belief we coax experiences to us. Meaning, your 111’s, 222’s, 333’s, etc. come about due to a specific energetic frequency you are emitting these numbers find attractive. Like a magnet, they are drawn to you.

We might even say our own deeper selves are serving as ventriloquists – speaking out an energetic echo that is returned to us. These echo messages often come to us in numbers BECAUSE numbers are so clean, simple, and universal. Whereas other energetic systems might be more difficult for our every-day-consciousness to pickup & interpret.

When we see the same number repeated, it often indicates an ordering in our lives. A desire, thought or will to have more order and organization in our lives.

On the flipside, I’ve also had people tell me repeated numbers come to them when they are trying to over-control the situation, and they’ve interpreted the recurring repetition as a message to let go, or surrender to a situation in which they have no real control.

Same number sequences also speak to us of repetition. It brings to mind the adage “practice makes perfect.” Repeated numbers sometimes come to us as a message telling us we must not give up on our mission, we must endeavor to persevere.

Repeating numbers are also an emphasis of the original meanings. For example, if you see repeating 1’s this energy is asking you to bring home, or center upon the meaning of the prime number (one).

You can look at some basic meanings of numbers on my website here where I have the prime meanings listed: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/spiritual-meaning-of-numbers.html

I’ve also started an intensive study on prime numbers here: http://www.tarotteachings.com/meaning-of-numbers.html

That you are seeing three of these numbers in a row suggests a desire to express creativity, as the number three is about creative flow, reproduction, and manifesting results in our lives by combining our creative talents.

Three’s repeated in same number sequences (like you’ve indicated: 111, 222, 777, etc.) also serves as a calling out for us to culminate our energies into one driving force. Three is a special sequence – it presents a center core with two supporting elements (think triangle).

Therefore, sequences of three may be asking you (the core) to incorporate support (side elements) in your endeavors. 

It is important for you to know these are just suggestions and ideas. Even the website references I’ve given you are merely pointers in a direction.

Only you are able to interpret the meaning properly. Use these suggestions as a loose guide until you work with these numbers to the point in which you’ve satisfied your own curiosity.

How can you work with numbers to reveal their personal meaning for you? Here are some ideas:

  • Draw them
  • write them
  • journal them
  • paint them
  • sing them
  • dance out numbered rhythms
  • drum their rhythms
  • find them in the clouds
  • observe them in the Tarot
  • count them out in your M&M’s or cornflakes
  • speak them
  • count backwards
  • breathe in number patterns
  • count stitches (yes, like needlepoint)
  • randomly open your favorite book & observe the number page for assistance in meaning.

In all of these activities, be mindful of each number. Be present to each moment and be with each number wholly. Answers will come when we are diligent, willing, and still enough to listen.

My light and best wishes to you.

Dream Interpretation: Symbolic Meaning of Birds, Cars and Numbers in Dreams

I received another comment on my post about Finding Feathers on Your Path in which the reader intimated a desire to have a dream interpretation, as well as an interpretation of a magnificent phenomenon. 

To re-cap his comment:

In 1977 I was on a trip in Hagerman, New Mexico. I was on the seventh day of a fast when lots of little birds landed on my body as I lay on the ground resting. I had a dream after that and I could see old model cars and rooftops only. The little birds left feathers all around me.

The following are some thoughts on interpreting these events:

Dear Eagle Feather,

Fascinating!  Thanks for sharing this experience – absolutely fascinating.

I get completely jazzed when I learn of animals making a connection with us (in your case, literally) – coming so close into the human aura – I imagine for them it may be like visiting another planet….a place with similarities, but so vastly foreign.

You point out the seven’s in your experience  – certainly understandable as this number is ruled by Saturn, and therefore exudes qualities concerning:

  • Knowledge
  • Consciousness
  • Awareness
  • Activation of Imagination

These qualities of the number seven are set in an esoteric framework.  The meaning of seven does not normally speak of a day-to-day awareness, but more a cosmic blossoming of presence. 

Saturn (ruler of seven) is a complex energy, to be true – but at its core is a singular pulsing eye of consciousness that is accessible through our activation of it. 

I believe your post-fasting experience is a manifestation of this in which you essentially activated (opened) this eye of the storm – the calm within the cosmic consciousness, causing a chain of events – your bird visitation being one of these events. 

We can find confirmation of numerological phenomenon of seven by peeking at the preliminary number you shared: 1977.  If we reduce the number (which is a common numerology practice; an example of this can be found here) we get the number six (1+9+7+7=24, 2+4=6). 

Sixes are the embodiment of our physical completion.  To illustrate: Myth indicates the world was created in six days.  Further, the human has developed its most primary essentials for functionality within the womb after six months.  There are other clues that indicate the number six is the culmination of physical completion.  Six is symbolic of one totality – but on the precipice – only a starting point.   (note: I’ve written a brief summary on numbers meanings here)


  • Six is the point of wholeness primed for further transformation.
  • Seven marks the point of a new phase of growth.

And so essentially, on the 7th day, you rested into a new phase of energetic presence.  The manifestation of your descending birds serves as an exclamation point to your experience. The symbolism of the bird indicates a direct energetic match with your state of receptivity at that time. 

Quite fitting as animal totems (birds) are symbolic of:

  • Higher mind
  • Consciousness
  • Imagination
  • Dreams
  • Intuition
  • Thoughts
  • Spirit

As you likely know, many Native American  philosophies honor the bird as kin to the gods, as its home is within the heavens.  Further, birds hold special power as they move in two worlds.  Birds are buoyed by the air and ever-connected with divine mind – yet able to touch down to the ground, sit with the Mother (Earth) and become anchored to primitive roots of being.

I think your dream is a reflection of this duality.

Your dream cars seem to be juxtaposed to your whole sequence of events, don’t they?  However, when we see they may serve as a hook back into your earthly matters, they take on a different meaning.  Your cars settle on the ground, and may serve as a message of anchoring too.

But the cars say so much more – as vehicles of transportation they symbolically speak of:

  • Motion
  • Direction
  • Progress
  • Direction
  • Navigation
  • Motivation
  • Advancement

Dream cars ask us “how do I get from point A to point B?” Perhaps this question was posed to you in a spiritual/philosophical sense due to the prevalence of birds (symbolic of higher thought and spirituality).

I like that you’ve pointed out these cars are old models.  I believe this is symbolic of :

  • an old modality of thought,
  • an old way of functioning or
  • an older belief system that no longer serves you (in getting you from point A to point B) after experiencing the phenomenal events leading up to your 7 day fast.

Like most dreams, we could spend years delving into the variables, and subtle symbolism’s to gain more insight. 

Dreams are energetic lives played by our more childlike persona’s within an ethereal (often surreal) theatre. 

Part of the fun of dream interpretation is to interconnect the theatrical production with the backstage events (your “awake” life).

I’ll leave these ideas with you, with the hope they will spark clarity in your own pesonal interpretation. Ultimately, you are the ONLY interpreter.

In closing, thanks for indulging me this lengthy response.  I get really inspired by certain things, so I tend to philosophically wax (going on and on – usually getting really “far out”).

I suppose I need to learn there is never an ending (and maybe I should learn to paraphrase better :-).

In love & light,


Interpreting Dreams: Symbolic Meaning of the Blue Jay and Cardinal

I received a question about dreaming of blue jays and cardinals from a gentleman who left a comment on my Meaning of Feathers post here.

To re-cap the dream:

“My friend had a dream about a blue jay flying in his kitchen window and landing on his head. The bird calmly allowed him to carry it in his hands to be released out the door. Upon re-entering the kitchen, a cardinal flew in the window and landed on his shoulder. It seemed to want to stay there and resisted somewhat to being released outside. At that point, he woke up. Can you help interpret this dream?”

Dear Feathered Friend (I couldn’t resist the pun):

I’ll begin as I usually do – by saying mine is only one perspective.  Ultimately your friend will have to take the time to interpret his dream (if he hasn’t already) for himself.  Symbols in dreams (or otherwise) are intensely personal, and their meanings are like chameleons – changing according to the backdrop they’re nestled upon. 

Simply put, symbolic meanings are tailored to their master. 

That said…what a great dream!  Let’s take it step by step:

1) Symbolic Meaning of  the Blue jay deals with:

  • Clarity
  • Voice
  • Assertion
  • Curiosity

I go into the origin of these symbolic attributes in much greater detail in my page on the symbolic meaning of the blue jay here.   When we dream of blue jay’s it may be a message that it’s time to vocalize more clearly.  Does your friend need to speak out in his own defense?  Is it time he asserts himself, and speaks his mind?  Or, perhaps he’s curious about a something…a different vocation, relationship, location…the blue jay will come to us when we need a nudge of confidence in order to peek behind those curtains in order to satisfy our curiosity.

2) Symbolic Meaning of Kitchens:

Part of the wonderful crazy world of dream interpretation is that no stone is left unturned.  Every detail of the dream has unique symbolism – kitchens included.  Symbolic meaning of kitchens deal with:

  • Preparation
  • Creativity
  • Sharing
  • Nourishment

Kitchens are where we prepare nourishment for ourselves, as well as friends and family.  They are often social gathering places too where long intimate talks are held over a good plate of pasta or a cup of joe.  When we dream of kitchens it may be a message to spend more quality timewith those who are close to us.  Or, it may indicate we need to take the time to feed ourselves better (physically AND philosophically).  Is your friend getting the proper kind of nourishment (socially? physically?)?

3) Symbolic Meaning of Windows and Doors:

As we would imagine, the symbolic meaning of windows and doors in our dreams speak of openings, entryways, and portals.  They also speak of two-way directions (letting in, and letting out).  Windows in our dreams ask us what kind of opportunities are we facing right now?  Are we shutting out our highest good, or opening the shades and letting in the light?  Interestingly, windows are like eyes to houses.  Houses are symbolic of solid foundations, with windows looking out…is your friend seeking out other structures?  In need of a new foundation? It’s a stretch…but something to consider.  Also, if they are clear glass windows, it is often a message of clarity of thought (this ties in with the blue jay too).

4) Symbolism of the Head:

Here again, no dream-point is moot.  The blue jay landed on your friend’s head.  This is symbolic of thoughts, contemplation, sorting out a problem.  The blue jay confirms this symbolism as it is symbolic of clarity.  This imagery speaks of a need to get clarity of thought – or better yet – get focused and assertive with some thoughts or ideas.

5) Symbolic Meaning of the Cardinal Deals with:

  • Passion
  • Boldness
  • Nobility

I’ve written more about the origins of these meanings on my Symbolic Meaning of Cardinal page here.  The cardinal flying into the window of your friend’s dream may indicate a returning of a love that was once lost, forgotten or buried in the past.  I’m not necessarily referring to a romantic love – but something your friend was passionate about yet had to give up for one reason or another.  Perhaps your friend might want to re-visit some passions that were left behind.  By doing so, his sense of confidence may be boosted.

6) Symbolism of the Shoulder:

Shoulders in dreams may indicate a burden is being carried by your friend – the cardinal landing on his shoulder may be a message that your friend has or is grappling with the loss of this love I mentioned in the above paragraph.  Shoulders are also our starting point of strength.  Consider, from our shoulders span our arms which are symbolic of strength and power. 

I’d like your friend to consider the occurrence of air totems in his dream.  Creatures of the sky speak to us of thoughts, higher ideals, spiritual enhancement, even enlightenment.  They are creatures closest to the heavens, and so they are the messengers of the gods (your Native American blood knows this, no?).

I love the implications of color in this dream: one red bird, one blue.  Red and blue are vibrant power colors by themselves, to be true – but if we put them together, we get violet.  Here again we see a symbolic undertone of richness, high-mindedness and devotion in the color of violet. I’ve written a bit about symbolism of colors here (it’s my Tarot site, but the core insights are consistent).

We can even investigate your dream from a numerological perspective.  Two birds – the meaning of two  deals with choice, balance, opportunity, and so much more as indicated on my study of the number two here.

It should be clear the symbolic possibilities of this dream (any dream for that matter) are endless.

When your friend has meditated and contemplated all these beautiful symbols in his dream, it’s time for him to begin putting the puzzle pieces together.  When he relaxes with all the symbolism, they will begin to morph into a template he can lay on top of his life situation.  This will provide amazing clarity as to the true meaning of his dream.

Just keep in mind this is only one perspective (and a brief one at that – years could be devoted to the many nuances this dream presents).  Please tell your friend it’s his responsibility to charm the meanings out of this dream.

I hope this dream interpretation of the blue jay, cardinal and other dream symbols is helpful to your friend.  

Granted, it’s rather lengthy – but I couldn’t help it – so many neat and subtle meanings peering out – just had to let loose.  Thanks for indulging in my verbosity!

Superstitions and Symbolism of Shoes

I’ve been asked about superstitions and symbolism of shoes (say that five times fast).   I just happen to know these little symbolic shoe bits because I’m a recovering shoe addict, and I thought (as I typically do) my shoe fetish had a deeper symbolic meaning, so several years ago I investigated various meanings of shoes. 

I was happy to share a few of the more colorful superstitions in my reply here:

Dear ShoeStrung,

Shoes have a wealth of superstitions attached to them.

In the Western world, tossing old boots in the wake of departing ships was thought to insure a sailor’s safe return home.

This tradition is carried out in modern times by tying shoes to the car bumpers after a wedding.  This action is said to:

  • assure a happy home life,
  • keep a husband from wandering,
  • and all the roads a family takes will always lead back to the home.

Also in matters of love, if shoes are placed on the left side of the bed in the form of a “T” it is said that a vision of your love will come to call in your sleep.  A little rhyme goes with it to insure your dream lover will appear: 

“This night my true love will see,
I’ve placed my shoes in the form of a T,
now in my dreams come to me,
show yourself, my lover to be.”

Do not put your shoes souls up under your bed, as superstitions indicate this will cause nightmares and cramps.

Dreaming of shoes means something too; I’ve written a bit about it here:
http://www.whats-your-sign.com/dream-symbol-meaning.html (4th dream symbol from the bottom of the page).

Even the wear and tear of shoes has a bit of symbolic superstition behind them, as evident in this Irish rhyme:

“Worn at tip of toe, wearer sees woe,
Worn out at the side, wearer meets his bride,
Worn on the ball, best not to buy at all,
Worn at the heal, wearer makes a wise deal.”

Placing shoes caddywampus in your doorway is a good way to outsmart devils from entering your door.  Place one shoe with toes facing out the door, and the other shoe with toes facing in – this is said to confuse dense little demons and keep your home evil-free.

On a more somber note, placing shoes on top of a table is symbolic of death. The origin of this superstition comes from the times of hangings in which convicted prisoners were hanged with their shoes still on.  Upon letting loose of the noose, their shoes would tap on the surface – the association was translated to table tops.

As synchronicity would have it, I just stumbled across this post on superstitions surrounding shoes at weddings.

I hope you enjoyed these superstitions and symbolism of shoes.

Interpreting a Symbolic Fox Sighting

I received an email from a gentleman who asked for assistance in interpreting a symbolic fox sighting. 

He encountered the fox at noon while he was contemplating his future plans.  I respond with some ideas about his symbolic fox and direct him to more thoughts on my fox animal symbolism page.  Here is my response:

Dear ShadowFinder:

Indeed, fox are small, but they can project a very large presence.

They are the natural shape shifters of the animal kingdom, and their shifting powers are at their peak on prime clock-time points of noon and midnight…inherent times of transformation.

Fox have very clarified and pointed energy – they serve as index fingers pointing in specific directions….they are focused and driven.

They are also quite clever and can reveal resources or advantages to your soul that your mind might never conceive.

What does your experience mean?  Only you can determine that.  Sorry, no free rides in the realm of oracle interpretations. Personal soul-searching is a requirement if you need to know the keys that unlock your doors of mystery.

One thing is certain.  The fox does not idly choose who she reveals herself to.  This encounter is unique to you, it’s your responsibility to follow the energetic trail of the fox for clarification.

Read over what I’ve written here, as well as this page I’ve written about the animal symbolism of the fox:

Fox Symbolism (full article)

or Fox Tattoo Symbolism (if you’re interested in that sort of thing).

Ditch the stuff that does not jive with your soul.  Grab onto the threads that resonate truth. Keep pulling at these threads (researching, contemplating, meditating) until you reach a satisfactory end (a fitting answer to this phenomenon).

Further, call upon the energy of the fox.  Be honorable, and be like still water as you invoke.  The fox will come and will give you answers, just as long as you approach her as the noble she is.

Good vs. Bad Symbol Interpretation

I accidentally (honest!) hit the “delete” key on a comment expressing dismay on some of my symbolic interpretations. 

She went on to explain there are good and bad symbol interpretations and my writings tend to be one-sided.  Her comment is valid, and merits an answer, so here is my response:

Dear Demeter1000: 

This is the beauty of symbolism.  Each symbol interpretation is completely based upon the observer’s perspective.

All of the symbols on my main website, this blog, and my Tarot site can be construed one way or another, good or bad, fact or fiction.  It all depends on how the observer interprets the symbol – it’s all very personal.

Most of my pages encourage readers to explore their own thoughts about symbolism and let their own feelings be their guide to symbol meanings. 

Mine is only one perspective – most certainly not the only one.

It’s true, all of the information I publish leans to the positive aspects of a symbol.  I do this intentionally as I figure people have access to plenty of negativity already.  Why should I contribute to an unworthy cause?

Thank you for your very relevant & astute observation.