Massive Red Robin Sighting: Symbolic Interpretation

I got an email from a reader who sighted about 200 red robins at her home on March 8th.  She was curious to know the symbolic meaning of robins – and what kind of portent this experience held.  I responded thusly:

Dear Rockin’ Robin:

Wow, that’s a lot of robins!

Ultimately only you can determine the meaning of this event and how it applies to your life.

However, intuitively I would take this as:

  • new beginnings, a fresh new start
  • a sign of inspiration
  • an encouragement for creativity
  • a reminder that you have infinite resources at hand when working with matters of renewal, joy, and spiritual growth

I come to this conclusion because the robins are about happiness, satisfaction and new beginnings – I’ve written an entire page on the symbolic meaning of robins here:

The robins came to you in March – the third month of the year.  The number three deals with creativity, inspiration and spirituality.  I’ve written more on the three here:

Lastly, you experienced these robins on the eighth day of the month.  Eight deals with infinity, cycles, and opportunity.  Again, I’ve written about the eight here:

If you factor in all of these symbolic meanings you come out with an incredibly auspicious portent – a sign of promise and renewal.  Congratulations and ride the wave!

I trust this information helps you on your path.

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  1. I was walking my dog and felt like I was in the Hitchcock movie. the weird thing is that it was all robins, at least 100. but I think they were eating the berries from a particular tree

  2. Even oracles gotta eat sometime!


    Hi Bill! Thanks for sharing.

    Was it weird-feeling, or was it awe to be in the presence of so many robins?

    Brightest blessings,

  3. I am six weeks pregnant, and I have been visited by a robin for the last three days. The bird comes and sits on my deck, I acknowledge it and it flys and then comes back and watched me through the window. I am hoping that it is a good sign, that this baby will be healthy and my pregnancy will be a success.

  4. When I learned I was pregnant (eight weeks ago) the robin kept appearing in my life too.

    It came so often, that I did some research and found after reading A. Venefica’s page here where she suggests the robin is a sign of new beginnings, warmth, brightness, and happiness.

    After reading this, and a few other things that came my way I know the robin is a good sign for me and my pregnancy.

    In fact, I’m naming my child Robin!!!!!!!!

  5. Indeed, the robin may be construed as a good tiding as she is the consumate harbinger of spring upon her wings…..a time with the Mother (Earth) brings to bear her most eloquent gifts of life.

    To Jenshak: Hope certainly resides in that beautiful red robin chest, and so hope finds a rightful place in your heart as well as you make way for new life.

    Wear your hope as the robin does – like an honorable badge, and a blazing sign of faith in the life principal that surges forth through the birthing process.

    To FullFiguredSpeech: Thank you for reading & including a reference link back to my Animal Symbolism of Robin’s page. More significantly, thank you for sharing your story.

    We are all alchemists with the ability to transform our fears into limitless light and hope.

    Our animal counterparts are the most gracious in lending us our greatest transformative lessons.

    Much love,

  6. My partner and I have been trying to have a child through InVitro for the past 2 years. Today we learned of our miscarriage. It was early on and we are simply going to keep trying…so today we were coming home from work and there was a baby robin in the street that was narrowly missed by a few cars. I was on the phone with my mother while driving. I stopped the car in traffic and put my hazzards on and shooed the nearly grown baby off to the side of the road into a bush. It seemed the robin was learning to fly but not quite ready. The mother Robin was very worriedand swooping in to protect her baby. I am wiccan and recognize this as far from ordinary…or should I say a message within the ordinary flow of nature. Any thoughts? As I write this, it is becoming quite clear what it means. We are not quite ready, but everything will be ok.

  7. just seems every time my partner goes outside in the garden to cut the lawn or other things this robin turns up its not far off purching on his shoulder it realy is that close make a sound and it wont move.What does this mean???

  8. About a month ago I moved in with my sister and her family after finding out that my 5yr has cancer, about 3 weeks now a robin keeps hitting @ the window in the livingroom, first it was tapping on the downstairs window where i stay but now always @ the livingroom window or it sits in the tree outside the window, its the strangest thing? I have been thinking about this and wonder if it means anything???

  9. Hi iv moved 3 times since having my son who is 3 on xmas day, and everywhere go there’s this one robin who comes in the garden everyday does this mean anything it just feels special to me thanks

  10. I would love to know what it means to see a group of Robin’s. It happened at about 8:30 pm. I have never seen anything so beautiful.

  11. I have atleast 1 or 2 robins come near me every day sometimes near sometimes far there is a robin that comes near me when ,I am sitting out side having morning coffee and reading and they come in the evening as well. What dose this mean .

  12. Yes I have followed the red road for some time and never before have I seen over 50+ robins in my yard flying around and having fun, the date is 2/23/2018 and would like to know if there is good fortune on the horizon.

  13. April 15/18 I am at my home in Pictor County Nova Scotia and looking out my window there is an abundance of robins this spring. Are we not using as much pesticides as before and their numbers are increasing? Have they had an easier winter? I wonder if any bird person would have an answer to these questions.

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