Interpreting Oracles: Deceased Black Bird Tells a Tale

I received an email from a gentleman who wanted to know about interpreting oracles.  Specifically, he wanted to interpret an oracle in finding a deceased black bird on his front porch.  My response:

Dear Ornithological Ovate:

Like you, I also find symbolism in everything so there’s no need to feel akward about sending me your request for more information.  It is the most curious among us who find the brightest gifts of enlightenment.

Interpreting oracles in common (or uncommon) occurances in our lives is easier when we gather all the facts

Symoblic interpretation can be like unraveling a mystery – we observe, we look for clues, we contemplate, we experiement, we compare.  The more unorthodox and persistent we are in our research, the more profound our revelations.

In looking for clues we may consider a few of these factors (upon the time we encounter our oracle, in your case the black bird): 

  • Specific breed of bird
  • Cardinal direction (location)  
  • Weather conditions
  • Time of day
  • Day of the week or year or season
  • What was happening at the moment of the discovery?  What were you thinking? 

All of these little details (and more as you find your own) begin to add up to tell you a story.  You can then layer this story on top of your life situation like a template.  This allows you to see patterns in your life happenings against the template of this oracle. 

Ultimately, only you can determine the interpretation of your oracle because it came to you and only you.  I can give you a few ideas:

For example, if you are sure it is a black bird on your front porch, it is symbolic of your ability to find your voice in a crowd of others.  Black birds are song birds, and as such, they are symbolic of creativity, voice, and expression.  Here, the death of the bird may be symbolic of a tendency to stiffle or silence your creativity and/or freedom of creative speech.

If your bird is a crow or a magpie, we are dealing with symbolism of mystery and secrets.  Perhaps you’ve been given heavy information that must remain with you and only you.  Perhaps you’re struggling with that secret (or keeping it).  

If your bird is a raven, which is one of the Native American symbols for mystics or seers, it may be a message that an area of your spiritual realm may be coming to an end and another beginning is on the horizon.  The message here is “get ready” because the shifts in your spiritual perspective may be intense.

 Again, it’s important to take its location in consideration.  That you found it on your front porch may be indicative of:

  • Facing forward
  • New beginnings
  • False pretenses
  • External appearances
  • Preparation for company (of any ilk)

Assuming your front porch has a door is another major consideration. 

Doors are symbolic of beginnings, but also openings, arrivals, gateways (portals).  Keep this in mind as you apply the various symbolism of this bird’s appearance to your own life situation.

At its simplest, your black bird may be an oracle of a balance between endings (symbolic of its death) and beginnings (the front door).  Or, it could also indicate a need for grounding.  Birds are air animals and deal with higher thought.  Your bird has landed (indefinately in a physical sense) and this may be a sign you may need to ground your thoughts or get a little more practical.

You can see the variables are endless.  This is why only you can crack the oracle code because the details will relate to your own life experience.

I would encourage you to call upon the spirit of the black bird for clarification.  Animal energy is infinite, and incredibly generous when we are willing to learn their language. 

Meditate, be still and calm – your black bird will come to you when you are open to receive her.   Express your gratitude – for both her physical presence as a sign in  your life, and for her spiritual guidance too. 



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  2. thank you for the insight, i too found a dead blackbird in the bed of a camper my friends let me use as a recluse it was near bedtime the bird had been trapped and eventually died on the bed. i will definetly call upon the spirit of this bird as i am going through alot of changes at this time in my life. thanks again for this website

  3. Hi Tammy,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m happy to know you found this post helpful.

    As you probably know, beds are archetypal symbols of rest, peace, meditation, relaxation, and the otherworld of visions and dreams.

    They are also symbolic of vulnerability – within our bedchambers, during hours of sleep we have dropped all of our defenses.

    That you found the dear bird in a reclusive spot to begin with enhances the idea of “retreat” the symbolic bed proposes.

    The death of the bird in a remote location, wrapped in the sheets of a bed symbolically speaks to me of:
    * a message to dive even deeper into the folds of the subconscious –
    * a prompting to go deeper into the realms of exploration –
    * a calling to know the inner depths of yourself more fully in order to express true freedom.

    As always, this is just what’s been impressed upon me – I’m thrilled to read you are calling upon the spirit of the bird yourself – and finding your own symbolic connections through this experience.

    My light is with you,

  4. Hi again Tammy,

    Irony – I love it. I just visited your Myspace page, and the tune playing was:

    FREE BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just love how the Universe works.


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