Mockingbird Symbolic Meaning

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Mockingbird Symbolic Meaning
Mockingbird Symbolic Meaning

This post on the Mockingbird symbolic meaning comes in response to an email requesting more information on the Mockingbird.

They’re called Mockingbirds because rather than having their own unique call, they imitate other birds.  They do this for a number of reasons – to either attract other birds in their area, or repell them (calling away other birds from their territory).
Mockingbirds are extremely bright with intelligence equal to ravens, crows and magpies (who are also very smart & even trainable).
Mockingbirds are also very protective of their families.  Like Blue Jays, they can be vicious – even attacking humans if they feel their brood is threatened.
Mockingbird Symbolic Meaning (at-a-glance)

  • Joyfulness
  • Gratitude
  • Cleverness
  • Intelligence
  • Playfullness
  • Protection
  • Security
  • Communication

When the Mockingbird comes into our lives it can be a message that we need to rethink how we work, interact and communicate with others.  Are we accommodating?  Are we being flexible?  The Mockingbird way is to listen first, then respond.  This is one of its greatest lessons for humans. 
As you observed, the Mockingbird is very playful – another profound lesson for us.  Few birds have the kind of bright vitality and obvious revelry.  So when this happy bird flies into our lives it is a cue for us to frolic, and suspend our severity for a time.  Enjoy, relax, and take time to appreciate the pleasureful things in our lives.
I hope these observations on Mockingbird symbolic meaning are helpful. 

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Thanks to AndyMW91 on Flickr  for use of this Mockingbird image.

21 Comments on “Mockingbird Symbolic Meaning”

  1. Every Morning a mocking bird wakes me at 9:00 AM. Many different calls doesn’t leave until I get up!

  2. Have had a mockingbird visiting me each day,comes within a few feet and sings it’s beautiful songs..I have been doing some artwork outside and each time I get a block..not knowing what to paint next..there mockingbird is,singing me inspiration..Awesome

  3. i loved this. i saw a mockingbirdd with her children today, she sang to me while i played music it was beautiful and moving. thank you for this explanation, it means alot to me during this time period of my life.

  4. I just wanted to say that I had a unusual experience with a mocking bird. I was sitting on the back porch and all of a sudden he came and landed on my head, never has that happened before. At first it scared me, but then I just had to laugh about it. This is one that every morning he is out there and he comes and sit on the rail of the porch and we carry on a conversation.

  5. I bless this day and all who enters it with me.
    I dreamt last night of the mockingbird singing me awake….and filling my day with sunshine.
    She spoke to me of elimination of turmoil and noise of destruction in my life.
    I sat listening quietly to her songs of readiness and steady strength.
    I woke to find her busily preparing my day for me in song.
    I sat in my meditations closing my eyes to hear the message she brought to me.
    The message was one of fulfillment, satisfaction, hope, and sunshine.
    I will let that sounds of her voice echo into the course of this day.
    I will hold the image of her sounds in my thoughts to drown out the noise of the world.
    I will embrace this day with my silence and my willingness to LISTEN.
    I am thankful for my life.
    I am thankful for perception.
    I am thankful for my words.
    And I am thankful, so very thankful,
    For YOU!
    Be blessed this and every day.
    Teri LaFaye

    ** signs are everywhere around us….are you listening?

  6. I have had a mockingbird for years, each year it gets closer to coming into my yard. Now it has saranaded me each night starting at midnight by my window…ALL NIGHT LONG. Luckily, it doesn’t bother me as I know it is God sent. Reading your symbolic meaning I now WHY it has come to sing for me.

  7. I was listening to Misa Gaia (Earth Mass) a Paul Winter recording, and reading Twilight Language of the Nagual by Merilyn Tunneshende (a book on shamanic dreaming). I did not realize the recording had ended because I thought the birdsong (lovely and variable) was part of the recording. It is 12:25 a.m., and I am awaiting the passing of a very dear friend from this world to the next for him. When I realized it was a bird outside my window, I looked up night birdsongs. He/she is clearly a mockingbird, trilling, chirping and singing his heart out. Twelve minutes now without a stop… I hope he’s singing my friend to the other side. It’s astonishing really… And oh, so sweet!

  8. Re time of my post, it is now 12:40 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, and he’s still singing!

  9. What is the symbolic meaning of a mockingbird’s feather. My husband found one yesterday. This morning I found it under my ashtray out in the back where I have my coffee and cigarette, as is my usual custom.

  10. I would love to know, because since my husband has died I have found two Mockingbird feathers laying directly in front of my feet as I walk.

  11. my birthday a mocking bird came through the door into my small back room while i was making my morning coffee.(This was yesterday)…the room has many windows and it kept banging into them trying to get out…even it’s family came on the other side
    of the windows(outside) calling in distress)…I felt very gittery…thinking how i could catch it…i talked to it and opened the door as far as it would go (it had only been open maybe 10in.

    Finally I decided to calm down and leave the kitchen..
    when i returned 15 min. later it had gone.

    evrything i google leads me to sparrows and ,death stuff

    what do you think?

  12. I had a mocking bird come into my living room from my back door that I had opened. It was calm and checking out everything in my living room. Once it saw me it flew away. Does anyone know what this means? Any information is greatly appreciated.

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  14. This morning when I was going to my jeep, there was a mocking bird standing on the luggage rack. I got close before he flew away, a couple of hours later I found my neighbors cat dead on my front door steps,stiff as a board. I thought the bird must had been trying to tell me about it, I thought this was a job for a Sparrow, not a Mockingbird. It has been a weird day.

  15. Interesting. Im experiencing a mocking bird trying to fly through my bedroom window early in the morning. It repeatedly tries over n over till it stops. I wonder if its related to my dreams of seeing a plane crash.

  16. As pointed out by Harper Lee, Mockingbirds simply repeat what they hear
    High above us in the darkness a solitary mocker
    poured out his reptoire in blissful unawareness
    of whose tree he sat in…..
    At the shooting of Tim Johnson and waiting for the verdict in the courtroom “the mocking birds were silent..,” Possibly waiting for something new to copy. Harper Lee told the cadets at West Point that Boo Radley and Tom Robinson
    …were set apart by an evil past, which good people in the
    present were ill equipped to change….we must bury our
    pasts by seeing them and destroy our differences through
    learning another way.
    Miss Maudi told Jem after the trial that he would be “surprised” how many Maycomb people wanted to be Christians and
    “we’re making a step—-it’s just a baby-step, but it’s
    a step. ‘
    Maycomb was interested by the news of Tom’s
    death for perhaps two days…..
    If Maycomb doesn’t want to acknowledge the Mockingbirds’ repertoire, they can either 1) learn another way, or 2) kill the mockingbird,

  17. im srry i think that all you people are just grazy like why yall talking about mockingbirds like really bitch

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