Tarsals and Trying to be Cool

Toes, Tattoos and Ego
Toes, Tattoos and Ego

Nobody asked about it, and I’m willing to bet a fair piece nobody ever will. But, I noticed a typo in a symbolic video feature.

How am I supposed to correct one wrong word in a 2 minute video without some kind of magic white-out (you know, Liquid Paper)?

To explain, I misspoke in my symbolic video featuring thoughts on the symbolic meaning of hands.

I talk about duality, and loving the sight of tattooed hands – like when my buddies tattoo “love” and “hate” on their tarsals

What the hell is a tarsal?

Well folks, a tarsal is a toe bone.

Would that mean I have buddies with tattooed toes?  No.   Well, maybe I could….but I don’t ask my buddies to go whipping their socks off to appease my curiosity.

It means I have just enough knowledge of medical terminology to be dangerous and appear frightfully thick.

If I wanted success in my attempt to appear cool and everso-too-clever, I would have used the term carpals.  Specifically, metacarpalsHere’s a neat diagram.

Personal symbolic epiphany for today: 

Don’t let slight-handed trickery of base-self behavior intrude on sure-footed progress of the authentic Self.”

Indeed, you are correct Ms. Crow , every day really is a winding road.

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  1. Thank you so much for your site! It has become my first stop when looking for interpretation assistance. You are so incredibly thorough! You also have a wonderful voice in your writings. This keeps me coming back. How nice to simultaneously learn the definition of a tarsal and that you have an excellent sense of humor! Just wanted to say thank you for freely giving so much. It has really made a difference in my journey.

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