What is My Animal Totem?

What is My Animal Totem?
What is My Animal Totem?

I get a lot of questions such as “What is my animal totem?” or “Can you tell me what my power animal is?”

There are many modern shamans and totemic practitioners who can produce amazing responses to these questions:

“Poof! Your animal totem is a Switchback Frizzlegoffer.”

Just like that.  The practitioner has never even met this person, but they can determine something so personal, profound, and powerful as an animal totem(?).  

I’m not arguing this technique.  Perhaps these practitioners are so advanced they can instantly “see” into the energetic makeup of these people and determine their animalistic energetic match.

Honestly, I don’t know how they do it. And, as much as I try (and I have tried), I simply can’t do it.

Even if I could get a clear map of a questioner’s energetic grid (and sometimes I can), I just couldn’t take the responsiblity of dictating his/her animal totem.  People change, energies change, totems change – way too many variables to allow a single commandment of totemic ownership.

Even something as simple as getting a white blood cell count takes a modicum of testing on the subject.  Therefore, something so revolutionary and monumentally life-changing as knowing your animal counterpart should take a bit more time-investment.  

I am of the mind that you are your own brilliant design. You are your own gift, and it’s your responsibility to unwrap yourself to discover the amazingness within you.

Part of that beautiful discovery is making your own personal connection to your animal.

I realize this approach may seem counterproductive to my totem interpretational services.  But not necessarily.  I do provide resources on the conveyance of energetic animal symbolism

Succinctly put, each animal has their own energetic matrix which makes a certain kind of harmonic humThe pages I write on animal symbolism are like a score on which that humming is translated into language.

However, the initial encounter and epiphany that connects you to your animal totem is an apex in experience for you to cherish on a profoundly personal level. 

If I told you what your animal totem is – I would be robbing you of the most eloquent and divine experience of discovering it for yourself (and effectually, enhancing your own inner-self discovery).

Nonetheless, I’ve offered some advice on how to connect & communicate with your own animal discoveries.  And of course, I enjoy offering perspecitves on animal symbolism.  You may find this information via the following links:

13 thoughts on “What is My Animal Totem?”

  1. Oh wow … I have to completely agree with your assessment on this topic. My animal totem changes, with certain animals assuming dominance. My partner’s totem has always been the same. It’s so subjective, I wonder how anyone could hope to nail it down definitely for another person.

  2. Love your site.
    Had my first encounter with totem imagery in my meditation yesterday; an owl on top of a lion, making a real totem! :)

  3. Hi Donna & Ailia
    I have to remind myself everybody’s perspectives & approach is different…that energy can speak (question & answer) in a myriad of ways.

    But, I’m glad for each of your confirmations on what I call the practice of “hasty-animal-totem-labeling.” :-)

    It’s good for me to know there are people such as yourselves who take a thoughtful, soulful approach to these aspects of life.

    Thanks again!


  4. Hi,

    Beleive it or not, today is the first time that i have heard of a totem animal. I really love the idea, but how do i get to know my totem animal? when i was about 6 or 7 years old, i had recurring dreams about being friends with a fox, could this be my totem animal? if not, how do i go about figuring it out.

  5. I disagree. A person can connect with some of their animal totems. However, there are people who can assist those in finding their totems. There are actually 13 animal totems we each have. If people are truly looking to connect, don’t limit them by saying they have to do it all themselves. We all different gifts to share with others.

  6. Hello Crow,

    13 totems, eh? Nice number. I’m curious. Upon what is that figure based?

    I’ve lived on this earth 75 years now. I’ve yet to encounter a set formula that applies to everyone.

    We are all so alike yet vastly UN-alike.

    I’d be interested to know your “plug-in” model defining 13 animal consorts for every human.

    Please, enlighten me.

  7. I am a crow too.
    And nothing but a crow.
    Keeper of the sacred law: a lightly-armed scout. Fast and noisy. Bible Black.
    Owls bother me. Humans too.
    But nothing scares me.

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