Good vs. Bad Symbol Interpretation

I accidentally (honest!) hit the “delete” key on a comment expressing dismay on some of my symbolic interpretations. 

She went on to explain there are good and bad symbol interpretations and my writings tend to be one-sided.  Her comment is valid, and merits an answer, so here is my response:

Dear Demeter1000: 

This is the beauty of symbolism.  Each symbol interpretation is completely based upon the observer’s perspective.

All of the symbols on my main website, this blog, and my Tarot site can be construed one way or another, good or bad, fact or fiction.  It all depends on how the observer interprets the symbol – it’s all very personal.

Most of my pages encourage readers to explore their own thoughts about symbolism and let their own feelings be their guide to symbol meanings. 

Mine is only one perspective – most certainly not the only one.

It’s true, all of the information I publish leans to the positive aspects of a symbol.  I do this intentionally as I figure people have access to plenty of negativity already.  Why should I contribute to an unworthy cause?

Thank you for your very relevant & astute observation.