Upside Down Trinity Knot Meaning

I’ve had a request for upside down trinity knot meaning.  I respond to this question here:

Dear Thrice Topsided:

The first (and least imaginative) upside down trinity knot meaning is that it represents the opposite of all the attributes the right-side-up trinity knot stands for.  In this case we see an aversion to what is natural – the flow of knowledge or divinity tipped and reversed – stifling its expression.

Other perspectives (mostly mine) state that the reversed placement of the knot is a representation of source power.  Meaning, visually the point of balance is at the tip facing down as the foundation.  From this foundational “source-point” stems duality (the other two points).  This is symbolic of source energy (“from the one comes the many“).

As most of us now know (particularly with the advent of movies such as the DaVinci code) the inverted triangle is an esoteric symbol of the divine feminine, or feminine power in general.  The upside down trinity knot meaning would fall nicely in-line with this philosophy as the trinity is an aspect of the feminine energy (mother, maiden, crone).

Although not a trinity knot, we see an inverted triangle as a focal point in the center of the Muladhara, or root chakra.  Here this emblem signifies the tap root of primal power, sexual power.  At this one (inverted) point ignites the spark that surges heat up the rest of the chakra spine.   Outlining inverted triangles are also seen in the solar plexus (Manipura), heart (Anahata), throat (Vishudha) and third eye (Ajna) chakras.

Again, although not technically a trinity knot, we can still turn the alchemists for symbolic meaning. In this sense, an inverted triangle represents the element of water.  Esoterically speaking, water is symbolic of intuition, motion, emotion, psychic perception and transition among other meanings.

Furthermore the upside down trinity knot meaning deals with love symbolism.   Inverted, the trinity or triangle represents a vessel in which love is poured out, contained or carried.  No accident that when you doodle a curvey line on top of that inverted triangle and you get the image of a heart. 

Thrice Topsided, I trust this bit on trinity upside down meanings points you in the right direction on your path.  These are just various perspectives, to get you thinking.  I know you will further contemplate the intricacies your question represents.  Thank you for the question.

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  1. wow. thanks! i found a beautiful art nouveau inverted trinity knot made of lilies. and I had to make sure the symbolism fit before I got the tattoo. It is a perfect match. I plan to get the image on the base of my neck or upper back. I searched and thus I stumbled on to your BLOG. thanks again!

  2. I received triquetra but I felt naturally to inverted up side down, water intuition peace came over

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