Sacral Chakra Symbolism

I’ve been asked for a brief summary on sacral chakra symbolism and utilization.  This is my response: 

I have a quick-reference chart on the chakras, including the sacral here:

The sacral chakra facilitates fertility, creativity, primal understanding, relief of tension, augment relationships.

It is found at the location of the reproductive organs, and is often focused upon during sexual rites/activities.

When out of balance, the sacral chakra can be prone to excess.  These excesses manifest themselves in the form of addictions, greed, violence, anger and a consuming feeling of disatisfaction.

Here is a blog post I’ve written on assistance in balancing the chakras:

In balance, the sacral chakra facilitates rites of passage – smooth physical growth, healthy sexual expression, positive body language, clarity in understanding our needs versus our wants, tempering of desire, utilizing our ambition/passion for higher purpose (rather than base or primitive desire).

Combining the sacral power with the other chakras will lend a feeling of power and action to your overall energy.  For example, if you have been working with better verbal communications, combine the sacral with the throat chakra and see how much more assertive your verbalizations become.

The above image of the sacral chakra is from Asttarte Sharananda a fascinating blog with phenomenal artwork.  Thank you!