Symbolic Meaning of the Thorned Star of David

A reader of mine purchased a piece of jewelry (shown left) because she was drawn to it.  She did not, however, know the full extent of its symbolism.  She asked for my assistance – to which I respond:

Some may call this the Star of David – or the Magen David (Shield of David), and may recognize it as one of the most common signs of Judaism.  It derives its association with David because he bore this symbol on his shield when he faced Goliath – the symbol has since been affiliated with victory and strength.

However – there is much more to this symbol than that.

This is also an alchemical emblem with some heavy meanings.

Made of two interlocking triangles, this symbol represents the union of opposites.  The top point of the triangle symbolizes fire and the downward triangle symbolizes water.  Alchemists believed that if two opposing forces were joined, in shrowded terminology, transmutation occurs in which “common metal” is transformed into gold.  This is of course analogous with man’s philosophical allowance of the combination of opposites thus enhancing his path to enlightenment.

This symbol has long been used by alchemists as a protective, magical emblem.

I’d like you to pay close attention to the threes – there is a triangle in the center as well as a triskele revolving around that.  This is symbolic of change, revolution – and incorporates the creative vibration that the power of three’s represent. I’ve written a piece on the power of the triad/triskelle , it’s meanings.

This star symbol is also found in the heart chakra within the Eastern Indian philosophy.  The heart chakra facilitates  Protection, love, harmony, and connection. When we focus on our heart chakra is releases the fear of rejection and augments energies of love and compassion.  For more information on chakras, you can view my chakra page .

Also in this culture (Hindu/Eastern Indian) the upward triangle of this symbol represents Shiva – the supreme reality – and the male force principle.  The downward triangle represents Shakti – the objective universe – and the female principle.

The thorns on your symbol are symbolic of the trials and tribulations that we as humans are apt to suffer as we attempt to find balance in all six prime areas of our life:

  • Soul,
  • Spirit,
  • Intellect,
  • Emotion,
  • Divinity, and
  • Relationship. 

In all six of these areas we will inevitably fell the pricks of the thorns of learning upon our path.  However, with the thorns, we gain strength in each lesson – our being progresses and evolves with each lesson learned.

Note here that even the spiritual meaning of number six holds symbolic importance as it represents tolerance, truth, balance, love, justice, sincerity.

When wearing this symbol, it serves as a reminder that you are a Spiritual being in a physical body and it is your destiny to find balance as such.  This symbol will serve as a protective amulet against wayward thinking, and idle beliefs that tend to lead you off your path of right-mindedness.  This symbol also serves as a reminder that with the thorns comes strength and perseverance as you make your way into this physical world with a spirit of love in your heart.

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