Symbolic Meaning of Black Rabbits (two of them)

I got an email from someone wanting to know the symbolic meaning of black rabbits, as she kept seeing two of them on her front porch.  She specifically wanted to know if the color black was significant in this case.  My response follows:

Dear Black Hare Beauty: 

Yes, the coloring in animals that cross our path is very important.

Black colored animals typically call out to our deeper feelings – as they are dark – they symbolize the shadows of our thoughts, the “nighttime” of our minds – the dreams we keep tucked away from the forefront of our everyday thoughts.

Rabbits are symbolic of:

  • family
  • community
  • awareness
  • caution
  • curiosity

Perhaps your two black rabbits are sending you a message to be more reserved (behind the shadows) in your dealings with others.

Or perhaps, they’ve crossed your path to let you know that the power in ourselves is sometimes found in the most unexpected (night/dark/black) places.

Black is also a symbol of silence, perhaps your rabbit friends are trying to tell you to take assurance and peace in your own stillness…silence may be the best answer.

The specific number (two) may also bear a message as symbolic meaning of two’s deal with balance, choice, judgment, relationship.  Perhaps this is a message for balance for you, or clarifying the point in which you might be of “two minds” about a decision or issue in your life.

These are some very basic/common generalities about the symbolic meaning of black rabbits.  Ultimately it is YOU who must decide what their appearances mean to you.  Adopting animal symbolism to enhance our own personal perspective is the goal here.

I would encourage you to meditate upon these two black rabbits when they come to visit you.  Often, animals are just as willing to speak with us as we are to learn from them.  We must simply be open to their communications.

8 thoughts on “Symbolic Meaning of Black Rabbits (two of them)”

  1. What does one brown rabbit w/ a white tail mean? or multiple? there’s always bunches of brown rabbits w/ white tails in my dad’s backyard. they’re starting to go away now cuz its getting colder. but then soon there are going to be less rabbits cuz people are going to cut an even LARGER part of the forest in our back yard. :( pleas E-mail me back!

  2. Oh! I also own a Black rabbit named Charley! he’s soooooooooo cute and soft and chubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E-mail me back about my brown rabbit situation! thanks!

  3. tonight i was driving home and on my street found a black rabbit just sitting on the side of the road i pulled over and picked it up looking around to see if any one would claim him/her i went dodr to door it was no ones pet.. so i have it now its very friendly and clean. i just lost my father and found out i am pregnant could this mean anything?? please help thanks! :)

  4. I enjoy your site so much. Whenever I have a question I look on your site. This morning I saw one black rabbit and looked it up. When I saw a white spider I had your great site to check it out. Thank you, Betsy

  5. While walking, there was a small portion of a park that had been recently burned. I went to check it out, and while looking around, I saw something move in front of me. When I looked to see what it was, it was a black rabbit. I have never seen a black one outside of pictures.

  6. I was at the club doing shots with friends and I saw a black bunny on the steps and I followed it, it led me to a restroom where I threw up in the sink, thanks to that bunny the club was safe, I LOVE Black things now,

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