Sanskrit Symbol Meanings in Center of Chakras

I get this question allot: “what are the symbol meanings in the center of chakras?”

The symbols are actually writing called Sanskrit.  The meaning of each Sanskrit symbol is given below according to each chakra.

From Root to Crown, the Sanskrit symbol meanings within the chakras are as follows:


Chakra                  Sanskrit Symbol Meaning 

Root                           Ambition
Sacral                         Desire
Solar Plexus                Virtue
Heart                         Compassion
Throat                        Reflection
Third Eye                    Perception
Crown                         Realization

I also direct inquiries to my Charka Symbol Meanings page as well as my  Chakra Summarypage for more information on the chakra system.

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  2. Speaking of about uncommon symbolic interpretation –
    Although stated in a number of other websites, the meaning spinning silver wheel, actually dharmashakra, referred to the planet Mars which orbited close to the Earth between 3700 and 700 BC. Dharma. originally rta referred to the tidal force that the spinning planet exerted on the Earth, changing its rotation, which was felt by the Vedic people. Once those interactions were over, the word rta became something mysterious mysterious, thus an aura.

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