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  1. I was having my own solstice ceremony along with a group of Toltec friends and In the middle of the ceremony was a white egret that appeared out my back window at a little pool. It was either a white egret or a white heron, both of whom seem to prefer the southern latitudes and I am in Indiana. It was odd in that a Blue heron seemed to mirror its movements like black and white, and a big storm with hail passed as it was present. How would Native people view this and why? What messsage would the heron have for me?

  2. I moved to the desert September 1st.
    I was cleaning out the old neglected flower bed.
    When I looked back where I’d just cleaned I saw what I thought was a huge earthworm.
    But then I realized it was a small snake.
    And what made it strange was that it was white with a little bit of red on its head.
    No one here knows what it was.
    I am leaving here after only two months but I often wonder what that snake meant.
    Any why am I moving again?
    Today I saw a Javelina and a Scorpion.
    Both moved me to tears.
    So much change.

  3. I was driving along an wooded road and come upon 2 white deer, and I even got out and walked up to them within 15 or 20 feet and toke picture , It was if they were waiting for me. what des this meana

  4. Please let me know what this means. I was driving along and came across two white deer and they let me get out of my car and walk up to them within 15 or 20 feet and I even toke a picture . they were beautiful. a month latter I found out I had cancer. But came through it and have had it a second time and still can through it. It’s been over 5 years since my last cancer. and I seem to be doing Ok. I really think seeing the deer meant something for me.please write back and tell me what you think


  6. I work at a women’s resource centre, a shelter for women and children, in a small Northern Ontario Canada, community. Our centre has been open for 24 years with most of the original staff in place (pretty much unheard of in this social work field.) Our backyard has a 8′ wooden fence enclosing it. You might imagine our surprise yesterday, when we saw a female deer resting in the snow IN our backyard! First time in 24 years. Most of us are of First Nation descent, and we are trying to interpret the meaning of this wonderful gift, (she got out ok.) ANY info you may be able to guide us with would be GREATLY appreciated. Megweetch.

  7. @Chari, indeed – that all of you are still together for such a long time (yes, I’m familiar with the propensity for turn-around in your field) – this is a powerful testimony to a) your devotion to a common good and b) the strong connection each of you share with eachother. You already know this, but I think it’s relevant in context with the deer.

    I love that you encountered a doe, as a buck would have changed the entire interpretive flavor. The doe graces our energetic presence with an elegance that’s palpable. You could feel that grace when you saw her in the backyard, no? The doe is an ambassador for gentleness, forgiveness and spiritual awareness.

    I love the setting of your experience…the cleansing beauty of the snow, the amazing phenomenon of the doe having to leap “insurmountable odds” (the 8′ fence). The scene speaks to me of honoring the divinity within the soul of humankind and animal-kind alike. She speaks of raising above the challenges of the banal world, and surpassing limitations.

    The symbolism of your experience tells me there is something very special going on in your community….there is a call for spiritually minded leaders. These are non-traditional leaders. The doe calls to the nurturing, gentle-natured core of those who would lead in a passive (unsuspecting) manner.

    At least, these are my own impressions.

    I know for certain the nature of the doe would not go to such great lengths if she did not have a specific (and highly spiritual) purpose to convey. She’s a vastly spiritual totem, and her message will be profound for those of your staff who will receive it.

    I’ve written more thoughts about the symbolic meaning of the deer here: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/animal-symbolism-deer.html .

    I hope these observations offer a broader opening for insight.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  8. A white buck with little velvet horns stands 15 ft from me, he looks into my eyes, clearly he was calm, regal, beautiful and he alowed me to take many photos. I feel blessed to have seen him so up close. Benevolence and kindness represent this animal. Blessings, Abenaki friends…

  9. I have been practicing Tibetan sound healing & Qi Gong sleep meditations. I recently dreamed of an entire herd of white deer with small wings. They were moving about at the edge of the woods ~ possibly nibbling the greenery? I take this as a sign of guidance, as I am doing these practices for health & inner growth.

  10. i just underwent reiki attunement and my teacher and saw within me a white deer. how would you interprete this, looking for another opinion

  11. I saw a very large while buck standing on a knoll in a winter pasture in Vermont. He was beautiful…I was thirteen…that Spring of 78′ I had a face to face encounter with “Bigfoot”. I have had encounters with fairies & gnomes…A few years ago, I stopped my car to let a buck cross the road. He stood staring at me, then lowered his head and touched the earth with his antlers three times before crossing. I hold this sacred.

  12. I’m going to start with the fact that I feel so very blessed that my family and I spent a day with Miracle, the white buffalo calf. A profound spiritual experience,to say the least. Now i live in an area that is being quite populated by white deer, we have seen 8 together in the woods just down the road and know there are more in woods west of us also. The energy they give off is amazing and in the fresh snow they seem to glow….So thankful that The Powers That Be have brought them into my life….PEACE AND BLESSINGS…

  13. I have seen the blue heron for the first time in the summer of 1995 at that time was sadness my neice was missing in the Atlantic Ocean found 5 days later she drowned “when i saw the blue heron i knew in my heart my neice had made her transition her spirit was here with me..she was scared to tell her mom she has passed ..now to say my mother has passed away on palm sunday 2011 and was buried the day after easter..as i am grieving the loss of my beloved Mother the blue heron has landed on my property everyday during the waiting time to bury my mother… i would go down to the pond and sit their to admire and gain strengh from the heron i feel blessed after learning the heron has meaning about easter and everlasting life
    peace to all blessings and may the continued power of the blue heron enlighten me.

  14. Okay, I’ve seen white deer before and even believe that Bigfoot might be plausible…but fairies, gnomes??? Seriously?

    And the whole heron thing was coincidence. I see them all the time.

    Please, take a big slice of reality and put down the doobie. Animals don’t have souls and they act almost entirely upon simple thought processes (association) and instinct. When you find a talking albino deer, you’ll become rich and famous. How’s that for a prediction?

  15. Dear Duh,

    How wonderful for you to have found an outlet for your agression. And what a blessing for everyone visiting this site to be able to read your words of wisdom and……what? Close there eyes to there own wonderful spritual experiences and join you in your own reality where there is room for Big Foot but not for a Gnome? Your comment was rude. Its a shame you waste you energy making angry posts.

  16. Thank you for publishing this page- and to all who have contributed. I had an amazing dream where a glowing white fawn with incredible dark eyes crossed a field into my home. She silently walked up the stairs, and waited at the door to be let in. I opened the door and she looked straight into my eyes and I about cried, she was so young and beautiful. Then she climbed onto my bed and laid down. In the distance a man was calling out a name and she froze, scared and her heart beat quickly. She burrowed her head into my chest. As I listened, I knew this man was an angry person and that she needed refuge and she instinctively knew where to go- my house. I told her that she was safe and that I would not make her go back to him. Again she stared into my eyes. Then my dog came into the room- they touched noses and he, too, jumped into the bed between me and the fawn. I covered them both with a blanket, feeling grateful I had their trust, their acceptance and awoke. It was magical, moving and so powerful.

  17. I saw a white deer last fall around my house and just saw another a few hours ago in the same area, I feel like it was the same one. I’m going through a difficult time in life and I hope the is a sign good things are to come.

  18. I saw two white deers on my way home from shopping. it was a mama and her baby. I just didn’t know what to make of it

  19. February 5th 2017
    Saw one white Deer pure magic a site to see on the job! Working as a bus monitor just a blessing!

  20. In 1982, I was driving up the coast of California on Highway 101 in the middle of the night. After I went around a steep bend in the road, I came across a small herd of deer that were crossing, so I stopped. An albino doe stood in the middle of the road, and I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I tried to wake my passenger to see this miracle of nature, but I couldn’t rouse him from his sleep. So I sat in my car, entranced with the magic and sheer beauty of this white deer, and after a bit, she scampered off the road into the coastal forest. She is a memory that I will treasure always!

  21. Hi I am an Ojibwe native from Ontario. My mom had hit a deer while I was living inside her womb I am here today. What is really interesting is that I have been given my name from an Ojibwe elder when I was a baby. My name “Wawashkesh Wawabshkizit” means “The Deer that is white”. I am a two spirit man who has both the male and female attributes of the white deer. This is a little odd for me as I am given many opportunities to become noticed in Canada. What do you think of this. Please email me and also let the people know about this. I do feel as if I am a totally different person than the rest of them. My powers are growing stronger every year. What’s up with that.

  22. I hit a deer and in the following days I saw native peoples. There was a group of male native americans holding out a young white deer and they were also holding out a white human infant.

    I was telling someone about this yesterday and he is what Hawaiians call a middle person (understands both male and female), also transgender (what I would call metagender)

    My e-mail address is [email protected].

  23. I saw a white doe on my paper route in burnet. Texas. And a week later I saw a white buck would love to know what that means

  24. Hi I had a dream a white deer was looking at me I thought it was going to walk up I was afraid and ran inside what does it mean

  25. I had a very peculiar dream a little while ago where I had a experience with two stags, one brown and one white. The brown stag was in a cage and I observed him and could feel his longing for wanting to be free, then a flash as a creature ran past me quickly, leaping the wall of the cage and bolting out of sight. I followed where I sensed the creature would be and found the white the stag. We locked eyes and studied each other, almost had a telepathic conversation but I don’t remember what it was about. Then I realized the white stage had a human female face and long hair like a girl with the antlers protruding, instead of hooves this white stag/human hybrid had four hands and. Still trying to figure out the meaning or significance of all the symbolism in this dream/ if anyone has had similar dreams or a theory I’d love to hear it.

  26. I had two dreams in one night. Both dreams involved one singular white deer. Both dreams were awful car crashes. The first dream was a very large white male deer staring at me while my car rolled over and over. I think I was a passenger, but not sure. The second dream was the same but the deer was small and white watching me lose control of the car and eventually rolling it over and over. I then woke up. I never remember dreams, these two were an exception.

  27. My friend and I were on bicycle in a small forest in Copenhagen. We rode past a tree that called me back. It was was two trees joined at the base for about the first seven feet and then became two separate beautiful mature trees. When we doubled back to make a better connection, I turned and saw a deer doe very close. It did not seem to be bothered by us. When I looked a little further to the left, there was a whole herd with a female white. We caught her on film. We rode a little further on and saw another herd, this time bucks. And there was a white buck there as well. We also have him on film. My intuitive feeling is that maybe it means better balance between divine masculine and feminine. (Wouldn’t that be nice) In all I have read, I have not seen a conversation of seeing both a male and a female white in the same forest. What do you think?

  28. This is a very awesome read today I was lucky enough to have seen 7 white deer while out pheasant hunting it was the first time I have ever seen a white deer in the wild all I could do was stop and thank God for the amazing privilege to witness such a beautiful sight

  29. Cyx02T This web site certainly has all the information and facts I needed about this subject and didn at know who to ask.

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