Mandalas Hit a Target – Symbolism of the Bullseye

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine who is practicing mandala therapy with her speech impared partner. 

The idea behind mandala therapy is that the process of creating a mandala is meant to engage the mind and soul in such a fashion so as to release intensely expressive creativity and communication..the likes of expression that is much more rich than typical artistic expressions due to the mandala’s circular & seemingly endless nature. 

She notice her partner’s mandala art looked very much like bullseyes and asked me if this might symbolize anything.  To which I respond:

Bull’s eye-type emblems are symbolic of focus or concentration.

Native Americans have been drawing these type symbols for eons.  For the Native American, these circles within circles represent various forces within the universe converging with The One…the one spirit, the one energy that animates all that is (God, if you will).

Other cultures have drawn concentric circles to illustrate the same thing. The inner circle may represent the self, consciousness, the soul, or the mind…with the external circles representing the waves of influence our center has over everything else.

The very nature of this symbol commands our vision to focus.  As we look at it our eyes tend to immediately concentrate to the center…that’s the beauty of this symbol (and primarily why it’s been used by sharp shooters of all kinds in competitions).  As such, this symbol stands for focus upon the center – focusing on the one thing.

The fact that your partner is gravitating to this type of design may be a signal that he is reaching out to obtain more conentration or focus in his life.

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