Mandalas Hit a Target – Symbolism of the Bullseye

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If you think about it, a mandala looks a lot like a bullseye. That’s very appropriate.

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine who is practicing mandala therapy with her speech impaired partner. 

She noticed her partner’s mandala art looked very much like bullseyes and asked me if this might symbolize anything.  

Of course it does. Mandala’s and bullseye’s are symbols for focus. The hone in on the center and then evolve outward. Same works for the practice of using mandalas for personal growth. As we focus on our inner selves, we become more aware of the outer.

Bull’s eye-type emblems are symbolic of focus or concentration.

Comparing the mandala to the bullseye is very key because it is a signal that we can go within in order to branch out. It also implies we can gain concentration in the present (single-focused, inner point) in order to maintain the perspective of our outer world, and broader reality.

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