Chinese Symbols for a Welcoming Home

A frequent visitor at one of my websites was expecting guests from China to visit his home in California.  He asked me what kind of Chinese symbols he could put in his home to warmly welcome his guests. 

This is my response:

Dear Hesitant Host:

How very thoughtful and considerate of you to incorporate well wishes and special signals of greetings to your friends from China.

Here are some simple suggestions – items you can easily find this time of year that will symbolize your well wishes to your friends:

If they have not arrived already, I would recommend a light energy cleansing of your home with incense.  Sandalwood, lavender, lemon grass, or sage are perfect scents for cleansing and welcoming.  Simply burn one or two sticks in each of the four major corners of your home.  This is a practice that is very effective for clearing out stagnant/old energy, and welcoming new friends, family, laughter and bright energy in the home.

Yellow Chrysanthemums are wonderful to display in your home or present as a gift to your friends.  They symbolize long lasting relationships and durability.  They are also symbols of love, welcome, and good luck.

Oranges signify gold, and are seen as emblems of good fortune.  Present fresh oranges to your friends, and you will wish them good luck and fortune for the coming 12 months.  These are often given during the new year to wish luck for the whole year.

A bowl of fresh fruit in your dining room is a symbol of luck and prosperity to all those who dwell in your home.  It is a symbol that your friends and family will always be provided for by the most bountiful harvests.  Display fresh summer fruits.

As one of the eight auspicious Buddhist objects, the vase symbolizes a receptacle of blessings from the Buddha.  The vase is a symbol of peace and harmony – if you put your Chrysanthemums in a vase – this augments your message of well wishes.  Even empty – a lovely vase with happy colors will encourage happy times with your friends.

If you wish to assure complete good fortune to all your household, you may want to display all eight auspicious objects together to seal your intent for good times and good fortune for your house-guests.  They are:

  • The Lotus – A symbol of purity and perfection – In Buddhism it represents the attainment of enlightenment.
  • The Wheel –  Symbol of noble truth – and a symbol of the wheel of life, it represents the Buddha’s doctrines.
  • The Jar – a vase with a cover – typically holding ancestral relics (memories and power of our forebears).
  • The Mystic Knot – the knot that never ends – symbolizes no beginnings and no ends as well as a representation that we are all united or intertwined in our lives.
  • The Conch Shell – Symbol of prosperous voyaging – great luck in travel. Also a symbol of royalty.
  • The Double Fish – Fish are a symbol of wealth, abundance, harmony and bliss. When shown in a pair, it is a symbol of harmony between partners.
  • The Canopy (or umbrella) – is a symbol of protection from negative influence, and is a show that the highest respect is being paid to someone.
  • The Vase – whose symbolism I’ve conveyed above.

You may display each of the eight Buddhist auspicious objects together or singly.

What is most important and effective is that you are mindful and willing to be a gracious host, and you are wishing your guests to have every comfort available to them.  These attributes you have are first & foremost the MOST auspicious elements your guest will appreciate.

I hope you this information helps you.  Enjoy your guests.

Regards & blessings to you,
A. Venefica
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