Exploring the Dragon as a Chinese Symbol for Strength

A friend of mine asked if I could confirm whether or not the dragon is a Chinese symbol for strength, and if I knew of any more animal symbols representing strength. 

I reply:

Dear Dragon Lady :-),

Absolutely – on top of the list of Chinese animals that symbolize strength is the Dragon.

The Chinese dragon is symbolic of:

  • power
  • courage
  • ferocity
  • wisdom
  • balance
  • good judgment
  • protection
  • loyalty
  • good luck

The Chinese have long honored the dragon for these attributes, and call upon various types of dragons to bolster strength when needed.

Although the dragon is a major power symbol, there are other Chinese animal symbols that represent strength are:

I hope this helps you on your journey,

Regards & blessings to you,

A. Venefica

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