Symbols for Strength

A regular reader contacted me in special need of an emblem that would bolster his confidence.  He wanted a symbol for strength, courage and self-confidence as he was going through a difficult time – to which I responded:

 Dear Down-but-not-Out:

Some strong animal totems that boost confidence and facilitate strength and belief in yourself are:

The Dragon has always served me well as a symbol of self-confidence and courage.  Dragon totems – can make the heart beat stronger – instill fire within,  and may enable you to stand taller both physically & spiritually speaking.

Warriors often tattoo themselves with their family coat of arms (crest) to quicken their blood in battle, and give them courage to fight.  I’ve heard of warriors also tattooing shields and weaponry upon their bodies to symbolize great courage, honor and stamina in battle.

A crown is a symbol of strength, calm demeanor, maintaining control, and courage.  A crown indicates strength in knowledge rather than physical strength.  It is a symbol of keeping cool under pressure, and the ability to use self-control in times of anxiety.  It also symbolizes the ability of competent rulership/leadership.

Even the symbols of the Tarot can offer some ideas to enhance your level of assurance & courage.  Specifically, the Strength card has some great imagery you can draw upon for guidance.

In the flora genre, the mighty Oak tree is a powerful symbol of self-reliance, determination, strength in the face of adversity.  It stands steady and strong in the harshest conditions – a true testimony to self-belief.  The Ash tree also speaks of strenghth, but of the silent, expansive sturdy kind.  Both the Oak, Ash, and the Holly were considered strong rulers with the sacred Ogham knowledge base.

These are just a few symbols for strength and self-confidence that will ignite your imagination. As you begin to think about these qualities, and recognize your own internal strength, I believe you will find a symbol that is perfectly unique to you.

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  1. Its fascinating how popular culture assocaitions will creep into our minds and suggest how we should interpret the significance of animals as symbols. The trick may be to stand back from all that, connect with spirit and listen to yourself.

  2. A Woodpecker flew directly into the side of a building next to me. It broke it’s neck and I held it while it died, sadly. I believe it was a message or something. I have always had a special place in my heart for the red-headed woodpecker. Was it a message? I had recently moved to Texas and was missing home terribly at the time. Is there a totem for woodpecker and what is the meaning?

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