Zip Ties and Duct Tape…


Symbolism of Fixing Stuff

OK, maybe this isn’t the most symbolic post – but it could be, if we consider the guts of the message.

I’ve moved back to my homeland to be closer to family.  There are some special needs that need to be met.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m absolutely clueless how to meet some of these needs.  Yeah, sure. I’ve fixed a few toilets.  I’ve hefted my fair share of awkward (and very heavy) supplies.  I can certainly change a light bulb.  I know my way around hammers and nails.  But not having exposure to certain skills leaves me grossly lacking.

So what’s a girl to do?

Zip ties and duct tape!  WD40  runs a close third in the race….but these two/three items will save your bacon.  No lie.

Example:  My sister needed her kitchen light heightened.  Solution: ZIP TIES!

Commode handle on the fritz.  WD40 rocks (thank you to BFF Dave for that tid bit!).

Bird feeder constantly attacked by raccoons and squirrels – leaving it devastated on the ground.  Zip ties!  Perfect!

Cord strips on the floor that keep on flipping up when wheel chairs cross over them….Duct Tape!!  Better yet…Get MINION Duct Tape (from the Despicable Me movie – LIGHT BULB!….sure to get a smile).

Maybe all this nonsense is symbolic.  Maybe not (Although I think it is).

See – thing is – I’m in a tight spot.  I grapple for anything and everything I can to get any job done.

Maybe that’s significant in your life.  Maybe that strikes a chord. If it does, then I guess what I’m saying is this:

  • Use what you have.
  • Do what you can with what you’ve got.
  • Do your best.

None of us are perfect.  But all of us can look around and make an effort to improve.

Just sayin.

Big love,