Ode to Joe Cocker

I want to live the way Joe Cocker performs.

Like the Song of life is being rendered from me.  

No matter how the many Selves contort or reel against exposure, I want the Song to be lured from me like a charmer coaxes electric snakes from straw baskets.

A higher life drawn, pulled and ripped from me. 

Urged on like some rogue daemon, sick to tears of backseat driving, shreds out of the skin in a wild attempt at free-creation without me (the slack meat puppet) to contend with.

I want life to crack me open wide.  Unbridled and wild – the way the soul is driven right out of  Cocker’s body. 

Like he’s thunderstruck by the message he channels. 

Seems like a good way to live life.

Watch him for yourself on the footage below (circa 1969, Woodstock).  Maybe this post will make sense after watching.  Maybe not.

4 Comments on “Ode to Joe Cocker”

  1. “Unbridled and wild” — oh-yeah 🙂 Me too.

    As I’m watchin’ him, I’m thinking what an awesome outlet for his anger…oh, and how he really shouldn’t hold back so much, lol 😉

    Thing is, I believe we were meant to be “unbridled,” and yet we are so restrained… It’s understandable and justified that we’re angry. At the same time, healing begins when we realize that we bridle ourselves, we hold the reins. We reign 🙂


  2. When we ask for things,
    I mean truly, truly ask
    and mean what we ask in all sincerity,
    when we yearn from the deepest place,
    without reservation or worry …

    … She hears and responds.

    Problem is, I’ve noticed, she gives us what we need as opposed to what we want.

    There’s a fine line of desire there, you know?


  3. @Donna, yes, I think I see what you mean. I suppose, it’s good to be granted the need rather than the want. Sometimes our perspective isn’t a clear place to proclaim an appropriate want. A need however, is well…needed. Yes, desire is colored by lots of illusions..that change according to where we are @ any given time on our Path. 😉

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