Seeking Wisdom

Different ways to seek Wisdom

Last week, a brightly lit, inquisitive mind focused on a statement I made on my Tarot site .

I wrote:

In our own ways, in our own time, we will all find the answers we seek only to realize there was never a need to search for them at all.

And, in response, Ed asked me: “Isn’t it through searching (questioning) that we gain awareness?”

I love philosophical fodder like this….more than I love crunchy organic peanut butter with bananas and really good coffee (trust me, that’s a lot).

My statement wasn’t arbitrary, but my friend’s question made me reevaluate its consequences.

He’s right.  It IS the searching through darkness that leads to the light.

It IS the question asked that reveals the answer.

Without the question, exploration isn’t launched.

But, there is a little caveat. Actually, a gigantic one. A mammoth loophole that often hides from plain view.

That loophole is this: We are all cradled in a matrix of infinite wisdom, love, and acceptance. 

All knowledge breathes in our midst and we can inhale it by right, or by might.

I wrote that statement on my Tarot site  from a place that knows I am (“IAM” – the greater “I”) a vital integration of the cosmos. As such, all knowledge is inherent to me (and you, and everybody else).

More and more I come to realize that KNOWING is more about the process of BEING rather than seeking.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much a seeker. 

Nevertheless, when submerged in the idea that all things are available without the need to grapple, paradoxically, wisdom begins to roll up onto the sandy beaches of our awareness. 

In this manner of being,  full, burgeoning waves of wisdom may press themselves upon us. Voluntarily, that wisdom surfaces to our suspended perception – with no prompting from the seeking mind.

I’m not sure I’m explaining this very well.

Here’s another stab at it:  It’s when I can simply BE and KNOW my beat in the pulse of life – this is when the wisdom comes…unbidden….fluid…and so clear….moreso than if I had ever asked a question.

To be frank, I’m still playing with this concept (lucidity, it seems, is elusive)  And, I’ll admit, it can be a “foreign” way at looking at the experience of learning and growth, but I suspect this mode of learning is quite natural for humankind.

My thanks to Ed, for his question, and allowing my ruminations in response.

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  1. OH wow … this is a great post! And you are so right. Wisdom lies within … yet we seek it outwardly. Wha? This is what I think, for what it’s worth … 🙂 And I can only speak to my experience, no one else’s.

    If wisdom is within, why the heck do we search outwardly? Well, first, I think we seek the key, the key to unlocking our hearts, which I believe is the apex of knowing. The cathartic pieces, the personal keystones, are different for everyone, but in general, perhaps all must begin with healing. First we must heal our schisms and realize our worthiness. And know that healing is a continuous thing that I’ve come to believe is inherently multi-dimensional. Let me say that others telling us about this before our lights are on, before the flame is lit, is a waste of energy. I don’t think it sinks in until we’re ready to hear it, until we’re capable of hearing it. And, of course, “it” can be anything on the widest spectrum imaginable. While the overall knowledge may not be subjective, the experience of that knowledge certainly is … and we must each give one another the space to find that understanding individually without judgement, fear or misunderstanding. We can aid one another on the path, but that aid and friendship comes with the responsibility to allow each his own experience.

    That’s when I know a true seeker … when respect is involved.

    Such a glorious topic that I, too, have been pondering recently. We are all seekers, Avia.

    Your friend,

  2. Great Zeus woman, you should be writing this blog! 🙂

    Eloquently put. I’m in love with the way you’ve phrased it. You’ve a bright gift for expressing in word, such slippery concepts.

    You are a catalyst…opening up various portals within my understanding with very little effort. No doubt you facilitate awakening within others too.

    Namaste & Gratitude Donna!

  3. Hello again … and your words are too kind. I’m just doing my thing like everybody else, like you. Our running into one another now is awesome in its timliness and in the way we can relate to one another … I cherish it.

    I have a special appreciation for our mutually cathartic relationship because of mistakes made in the past. I had a good friend, a spiritual sister, whose path was similar to my own, although the experience was *vastly* different. She and I were in different places on the path, hers being a naturally cognitive place (i.e., she dealt with spontaneous knowing regularly and then had to deal with that influx of information regardless of whether or not she was ready) and her need to be *heard* surpassed my need to be in my own space, and so we came to odds very quickly and then later with finality … it was a terrible loss for both of us, I think.

    So, I am very careful, very respectful, and infinitely grateful to have found you. I enjoy our sharing.


  4. Howdy D~! Had to laugh @ the Twitter comment…seems both our brains are on fire lately.

    And, your elaboration makes a lot of sense…ironically (well, probably not so ironic knowing what we know about the phenomenal nature of realities) I too had a similar experience.

    We both know Time as the ultimate scrying tool. It reflects back those lessons that can’t be known in the moment, but recognized much later.

    Retrospect is why I too am very mindful of my behavior in relationships – particularly in our connection.

    Soul Sisters – yes, very much so. We are very good for each other. My gratitude and respect for you is a match to your own.

  5. Self-questioning is often part of a learning curve. Human beings go from qustioning to believing to knowing on different levels of awareness. When one stops questioning, one stops doubting. Tapping into inner knowing is not a trigger for arrogance. It is a stage where you move beyond emotion to feel only truth.

  6. I am seeking some meaning into recent encounters with Bald Eagles. In the last 2 years, my family and I have seen Bald Eagles fly in our development. Recently, in May, I captured two of them eating small game while on the turf. They were w/ 40 feet of my property and filmed the event for 5 minutes. It was amazing, especially because of my interest in birds of prey.
    I have since learned there is a significance to these sitings on a spiritual level. My wife, who has been battling metatstatic breast cancer, believes there is a message in this, due to the fact the May siting occurred as she began Chemo after a 2 year remission.
    What do you know of in regards to these strange events and there meaning….Keep in mind my area is not known for bald eagles and these visits are normally rare.


    Curious in PA.

  7. Thanks, this entry kind of ruffled my feathers.
    I have been trudging along similar lines for a while.
    It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.
    The Grail is just a vase or something. It is the quest for the Grail that will give you everything you wish for.

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