Energetic Circuitry

A friend of mine responded to a video post about the symbolism of hands (you can read her comment here), which prompted me to wax philosophically about energetic circuitry.

My friend D~, the author of When Isis Rises and also the master mind behind Sapphokinesis will have the honor of being in the presence of her Spiritual Mother, Amma Sri Karunamayi, this weekend.

D~ has thoughtfully observed Amma, and expressed curiosity in her etiquette concerning giving and receiving with hands.

Specifically, Amma’s preference is for an offering to be extended by the giver from the right hand. If the giver forgets, and offers an object to Amma with the left hand, she will gently, lovingly correct – encouraging the offering to be extended with the right hand.  This, from a woman who doesn’t speak much really.

What does this have to do with the symbolism of hands, or with energetic circuitry for that matter?  Plenty.  And here’s why:



Do you remember this experiment as a kid?  This one really blew me away in spiritual terms.  It opened up my awareness about connections, and how energy flows in a circle (the term circuit is derived from circle).

Awareness of that pattern of energetic flow can open up some superior opportunities to enhance, and even channel energy.

I can’t speak for Amma Sri Karunamayi, but, I’m willing to bet she has an intimate understanding of how energy moves from person to person. 

I’m suspecting she is one with the knowledge that each human is a powerful generator, with currents of energy streaming from each of us like gloriously divine batteries.

In order for the light bulbs to remain bright, the currents to stay fluid, and the connections to be at their keenest – we must move with the natural flow of energy. 

Continuing the analogy of energetic circuitry the connection of human-to-human energy would look like an electrical current with a circular energetic pathway similar to the above-shown illustration.

Being mindful of which hand is used can augment the transmission of energy.  Just by being aware of how the flow of energy works, allows it to behave more powerfully. 

Here are a few symbolic attributes pertaining to hands that might further illustrate what I mean by augmenting the flow/transmission of energy: 

Left Hand Right Hand
Passive Assertive
Justice Mercy
Lunar Solar
Emotion Logic
Receiving Giving
Unconscious Conscious

The simple act (or, more accurately, being aware of the act) of giving with the right hand and receiving with the left has eliminated (what I once viewed as) countless blockages for me. 

I think it has everything to do with allowing the current of energy to flow through its natural courses.

When we dance with the undulating motion of etheric forces, we participate in a grand ball, and we are moving to an energetic concert played by the universe.


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Photo credit: Basic Electric Circuit from Britannica

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  1. OH my gosh, how cool is that??!? I’m betting you’re totally on target with that, Avia. And a big hug for making mention of my Spiritual Mother on your blog. We’re home now, just for an hour, before heading to her program in Palo Alto. Our two pooches are staring as if to say, “where have you been?” and “where are my cookies”. Puppies. I’ve got a bunch of stuff that got put on my “to get/to do” list for this, too. The success of her programs so relies on the love, generosity, and diligence of her “children” … absolutely none of which is required, of course. One time she said to me, “It is a mother’s responsibility to take care of her children.” Kind of says it all, I think.

    Happy happy happy …


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