Repositioning Emphasis on Memory

Repositioning Emphasis on Memory
Repositioning Emphasis on Memory

I have CRG, “can’t remember guano,” or CRS if you prefer the more vulgar expression of excrement.

I admit, I have a crap memory.  Always have.  Maybe always will.

This used to enrage me.  I’d get positively rabid over not being able to retrieve details from memory.

Several years ago I started keeping a mini notebook in my back pocket at all times.  This helped control some of the anxiety and helplessness I felt at not being able to pick out memories at the fingertips of my mind.

In fact, my other websites and this blog is a macrocosm of the micro-notebook idea.  I started these virtual archives as a record-keeping tool so I could retrieve and reflect upon my symbolic experiences.

Over time, my “impaired” memory didn’t seem like such an impairment any more.  In fact, my state of memory became symbolic of some pretty cool aspects:

  • A propensity  to stay in the present moment
  • An ability to overlook limitation
  • Acceptance of what is

Further, I came to realize my Swiss cheese memory is actually an asset in my intuitive work.

Why?  Because memory is a filter.  The mind takes what is sees now, and constantly compares it with past experience.  It’s human nature.  With a less-than-perfect memory, I’ve got fewer comparative filters to contend with.

This really allows my intuitive impressions to roll.  Consequently, my interpretative services and the symbolic insights I write about are more authentic, unfettered and fluid.  This offers unique value for my clients and readers.

So, I’m sharing this as an invitation to reconsider your personal quirks.  Reposition your emphasis on an aspect of yourself you once considered “impaired” or “faulty.”  Flip the aspect over to consider its benefits.

It’s a new spin on old advice.  As Johnny Mercer put it “Accentuate the Positive.”

10 Comments on “Repositioning Emphasis on Memory”

  1. Hm … I can relate. And I writes loads and loads and loads of notes all the time, particularly at work. When I was in my 20’s, my memory was sharp as a tack! Now at almost 45, I am noticing a change.

  2. Hi Donna. I guess as long as we stay nimble in our approach to dealing with, and adapting to these changes…we’re still sitting pretty, Right?
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. great post about using blog and website as a macro version of the notebook in the hip pocket. I had not been sure of being “that transparent” on the internet, what are your thoughts in that regard?

  4. Thanks for the positive spin on this memory dilemna. My life, too, gets written in a book or ideas, events, etc. get lost. A good perspective enjoys the benefits gained from what a bad attitude would call loss!

  5. Well it certainly doesn’t put a damper on your brilliance & wonderful creativity, A. 🙂

    This reminded me of what a woman (psychic/teacher) said to me years ago at the birth of my “awakening.” In fact, she said many things that rocked my world 😉 But in this regard she kept saying to me, “What’s wrong with you is what’s right with you.” So there ya’ go 🙂


  6. @Dove: Ooooh, I like that quote very much “What’s wrong with you is what’s right with you.” Very nice & thanks for sharing!

    @Kathy: Isn’t that the very truth – a good perspective is like honey for our creative flies (as opposed to the vinegar of a bad attitude).

    @PFMartin: A quick look at my earlier posts will reveal a guarded, impersonal tone. It wasn’t until this year (after encouragement from friends) I started a more “transparent” trend, and I’ve still got mixed feelings about it.

    Of course, the interent is no place for some things. Depending upon which blog service you’re using you can have the option to make these entries private. I use WordPress, and I know they have the a “private” setting option. They even have an option to make the entire blog non-viewable to the public & prohibit search engines from spidering blog content. I believe Google’s Blogger does too. Thanks for the question, and sharing your thoughts.

    The most uber-keen aspect (for me) of online memory-archival is the “search” feature. There’s stuff I know I’ve written…but can’t remember….so, I just enter a keyword and the software retrieves the entry for me. Marvelous.

  7. Hi A.,

    Was just enjoying some of Spike’s pics 🙂 Awesome how you can move ’em around and all… I think you are easily one of the coolest chicks I’ve ever encountered, ha! 🙂 Love your iguana, and all your fun witchy stuff, heh

    Well, the synchronicity with us rides again. Just before popping over here for a bit, I had been reading about honey (purposely researching it, read a lot on it yest also) and how good it is for us — RAW honey, that is. Amazing stuff. I was even sitting here, just prior to coming here, remembering how I’d gotten several “hits” nudging me toward using honey a while back. Still have two of the honey sites open next to this one 🙂 And then here you are mentioning honey — how suh-weet is that? heh 😉


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