My First Rant. The Right to Arm Bears

bearrantThis is my first rant. Probably my last because tirades have nothing to do with symbolic-meanings. But, somethings just can’t be contained.Some folks call me mellow, and I’m agreeable to the term. Aside from being naturally amicable, I never watch TV and this is why:

To preface, bears have been drifting in and out of my dreams and meditations lately. So, when I overheard bears mentioned in the TV program my house-mate was watching, I thought it was a prompting.

I neither know the show, nor remember the location (although it was North America), but the show spoke about bears growing larger these days, and looming more close to residential homes

The camera then switched to one of these homes in which the homeowner, a woman with three kids took the cameraman on a tour of the new, sprawling residential yard.  She showed him where the bears were encroaching on HER yard.

With alarming cluelessness, she went on to tell the cameraman:  “They walk through here like they own the place. They go through my trash bins, they tromp through the back yard. I am afraid to let my kids out to play. Something needs to be done.”

To this, I would say yes, indeed something certainly does need to be done. YOU NEED TO MOVE LADY!!!!

THE BEARS WERE HERE FIRST! They DO own the place!!!

Something about the whole scene sang a sinister tune of irony that made my back teeth grind down to nubbins.

To clarify, I’m not an activist. I think it’s counter-intuitive.  

However, I was real tempted to borrow a t-shirt my mom often wears.  It’s got a picture of a grizzly bear on the front sporting a rifle and says “I support my right to arm bears.”  Nah, not my (mellow) style. 

So what’s an amicable soul to do?

Send my own message, in my own way.  Aside from this rant, I went on to publish some cool pages on bear symbolism.  If you’re interested here they are:

Symbolic Meaning of the Bear

Sacred Bears – A Native American Perspective

That’s all we can do. Fighting fire with fire only makes a situation more combustible.

But, thanks for listening to my rant, and for allowing me to let off steam.


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  1. Now your talking! ’bout time you showed your ire! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy your blog and all, but dang – you always so even-keeled! Ruffling feathers is 1/2 the fun of having a voice! Oh, and BTW: I totally agree with your rant.

  2. Even the mellowest of individuals have to vent some times … “counter-intuitive” … now THAT’s an excellent phrase! I hope you don’t mind my coining it from time to time.


  3. @ICanRel8 – I’ll leave the feather ruffling to you (as you are so good at it), and I’ll continue to come around to soothe those feathers in your wake. :-). Love u.

    @Leon – I am very well, thanks for asking. Nice to meet u.

    @Donna – Coin away my dear! It’s not mine either. Thanks for reminding me it’s ok (even if primarily a percolator) to let off some steam!

  4. Dreams offer a series of events that trigger sensations. The human mind is conditioned to interpret images and to generate emotions. You correlate ideas from cultural, social and other associations. Regardless of your circumstances, a multi-layered sphere of energy resonates around and within you. The images projected in your mind do not matter. How you react and feel does. This is the point of every one of your physical experiences. What do you choose to learn about yourself? Each clue you accumulate empowers you to connect the dots. You are rediscovering profound intelligence along a very specific pathway. Always a pleasure to read you.

  5. and don’t forget, symbolically speaking, a “bear market” in the financial word means the market is going dooowwwnnn.. 😉

    thanks for keeping up and fresh! =]

  6. Dear Avia:

    Thank you for your very informative website!

    Rants are good! If you don’t like the word, just call it a ‘forceful, passionate expression of opinion’. Sometimes you just gotta do it.

    I, too, saw that program. I was thinking exactly the same thing. But, reality says encroachment on the territory of wildlife is going to happen. However, some people do not understand the concept of sharing. It’s all I me mine.

    Therefore, sometimes it takes a good ‘rant’ to shake people out of their self-centered world.

    Keep up the good work!


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