Tips on Knowing Your Totem Animal

Tips to Knowing Your Totem
Tips to Knowing Your Totem

This post on Knowing Your Totem Animal is in response to a comment left on this post about identifying animal totems here.

Hi Cerri-Lee,

Your discovery really opens up a whole new world of meaning, understanding and potential doesn’t it.  I’m pleased you’ve made this connection.

As you make your way through this new realm of understanding, you’re going to find a lot of information about animal totems, power animals, animal symbolism, shamanism.   This is a time of massive expansion and subjects like these are exploding with revitalization.

My best piece of advice is to follow your own impulses as you sift through the perspectives available to you.  Your own perspective & opinion is always the best one.

A few  tips on getting on knowing your totem animal:

  • Time for Silence:
    The majority of our non-human counterparts exist in present-moment simplicity and quietude.  If our goal is to expand our awareness of the bountiful wisdom our animal queen/kingdom offers us, it makes sense to energetically meet-up on their level. 
  • Emptying:
    Vessels need to be emptied out before they can be filled.  The capacity of the human heart is no different.  Animal energy is expansive, and must have room to flourish. 
  • Researching:
    Whether in a moment of silent clarity, or as an intuitive surge – your animal attraction will happen.  When a creature surfaces through energetic waves to meet your awareness make the effort to learn more about this magnificent animal.  
  • Observing:
     Totemic living is 95% observation.  Observation of animal energy.  Observation of Self.  Observation of the new energy that emerges when relationships are established between you and your animal(s). 

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  1. As people choose to explore their totem animals, it is meaningful to learn from tools such as animal oracle cards. As you connect with your core energy, you discover new ways to connect with and learn from totem animals.

    An intriguing analogy may be made with the Golden Compass Movie. It is based on a book by Phillip Pullman. Each human in the story has an animal shadow which is acknowledged or not, mistreated or not. Relationships between characters and their animal ‘companions’ make a statement about how people feel about energy and the invisible world. You only ever see what you are prepared to accept about yourself. At a given moment, the traits of animal totems tell you about your character, mindset and inner energy fluctuations.

  2. This is the best site of this kind I have ever seen. That said, I left a post on the octopus site and want it removed. I was overwrought, and confused. Could you please remove it? It is the last post. You could email me first if you have questiions. Once again, your insight is amazing on every front. thanks for your wisdom.

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