I Love Your Blog Nominees

"I Love Your Blog" CampaignThere are so many phenomenal blogs out on the web, and the “I Love Your Blog” campaign is a fantastic way to spread the word about some amazing information via blog authorities.

The following are my nominees for the “I Love Your Blog” Award (in no specific order):

  • Dream Builders
    Features frequent, purposeful posts from Liara, an expert in dream interpretation. Her posts are thought-provoking and engaging.  Dreams aren’t the only insights you’ll see on this blog – inspirations ranging from motivational tips, angels, and consciousness. A unique and valuable blog.  
  • Bubo’s Blog
    Mark’s mythology blog rolls out a red carpet for curious newbies and seasoned mythology buffs alike.  Personal touches make well-founded blog entries fun to read.  I always smile when I stop by Bubo’s Blog, and always feel right at home.  A must-read blog for anyone wanting to re-discover the rich, romantic, magical world of mythology. 
  • Eso’s Garden
    A long standing favorite of mine, hundreds of posts – each one points the reader into a new adventure.  With a wide variety of esoteric, spiritual and metaphysical topics, this blog is a daily reader’s stand-by resource.
  • Studio LoLo
    Touching to the heart and uplifting.  The perfect blog to stop at when you need to find your muse…seems like muses love to hang out at LoLo’s.  Calming, sublime, and a feast for the artist in anyone.  LoLo’s is where I go to enjoy art at its spiritual best.
  • Occult of Personality
    Intense, well-researched and deep.  This blog has the most available podcasts relating to subjects of symbolism, occultism, Zen, secret societies, mythology, Tarot, spirituality, meditation and more of same genre.  An outstanding resource to the serious student and expert alike.
  • Under a Violet Sun
    Posts on Jerome’s sight are bright sparkling gems of clarity, insight and reflection.  It’s the understated, or the simplicity in his posts that are savory and enlightening.  He discusses spirituality from the pespective of wicca, and does so by eloquently speaking through the heart of the craft’s purity.
  • Between Old and New Moons 
    Mahud is brilliant, as evident in his posts.  Each post is thought-provoking, and will blow you away with its scope and depth.  Mahud is an excellent source of mythology, and his enthusiasm makes reading/learning a pleasure.  He’s built a great community of like-minds, and his blog is a remarkable statement of his devotion.
  • Mythphile
    An authority with a clear passion for mythology, Ellen brings th subject of mythology to her readers with humor, facts, and style.  I love this blog for its entertainment value as well as its value as an expert resource on mythology.  This blog really is  about all the myth that’s fit to print!

Thanks to this “I Love Your Blog” award I’ve discovered many new, amazing blogs (and noted my gratitude for the tried & true blogs I enjoy).

Spread the awareness by nominating 7 or more blogs YOU enjoy.  This is a great opportunity to give back to the blog authors that have given to you over time.


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  1. Thank you so much. Sorry about the late response. I’ve been internetless for two weeks (which wasn’t so bad really). Thanks again for the nomination!!

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