Synchroblogging Symbolic Style

Over the last few months, a community of brilliant bloggers (see list below) joined together to share viewpoints on various topics from their own perspective niche.

Mahud at the Sundoor to Yonder  was the first to launch the idea of “synchroblogging” amidst this special community of bloggers. 

To continue the momentum, I’m proposing our third consecutive (monthly) synchroblog. 

And the topic is (drum roll, please):

What do I mean by duality?  What are the mythological, spiritual, or symbolic implications posed by duality?  For example:

  • Good – Evil
  • Conscious – Unconscious
  • Night – Day
  • Male – Female
  • Light – Dark
  • Sun – Moon
  • Up – Down
  • Earth – Sky
  • Black – White
  • Hot – Cold

The possibilities are endless, as the concept of duality weaves itself infinitely throughout our specialized fields of knowledge (in our community’s case: myth, lore, spirituality, dreams, psyche, and uncommon esoteric genre). 

So, to all interested & participating bloggers, let your creative writing juices flow into the possibilities of the concept of duality within your chosen niche. Deadline for this post is May 1, 2008.

The synchroblogging invitation is extended to all those who were included in the previous posts (and a few new friends I’ve made along the way). 

Here is my entry on thoughts about Duality.

And here is the list of other participants on this project: 

  • Between Old and New Moons
  • Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism
  • Goddess in a Teapot
  • The Aquila ka Hecate
  • Full Circle Earthwise News
  • Mythprint (all the myth that’s fit to print)
  • Stone Circle
  • Women and Spirituality
  • Frontiers of Wonder
  • ReligionThink
  • Paleothea – Sing, Goddess
  • Quaker Pagan Reflections
  • Heart of Flame
  • Manzanita, Redwoods and Laurel
  • Dream Builders: A Figment of Imagination
  • When Isis Rises
  • Bubo’s Mythology Blog
  • For those of you unfamiliar to the term, synchroblogging is when a group of bloggers get together to write on the same subject within their own realm of expertise.  

    Traditionally, links to all participating bloggers are posted within each blog post.  You can see an example of my participation in previous sychroblogging events here and here

    Synchroblogging is a great way to stimulate the community with new ideas, have fun, and enjoy other perspectives.

    -Hope to see all of you participating, and remember the deadline for this synchroblog is May 1, 2008.

    Blessings & Smiles,


    23 Comments on “Synchroblogging Symbolic Style”

    1. Hi NewAgeAlchemist,

      Good question.

      I chose the blog topic of “Duality” for selfish reasons.

      I thought, through this exercise of creative writing, I would be able to garner a clearer view of how humankind as a whole (through history and analogy) deals with the essence of duality (positively, negatively, or through equanimity or otherwise).

      So the answer to your question is, I’d say – write what your Being tells you to write within your own contextual authority.

      If you are coming from a place where the concept (mythological or otherwise) of duality holds symbolic opposition within your beliefs – by all means, do tell.

      Thanks for your question, and for your interest.

      This is going to be a bonzer sychroblog – I can just feel it!


    2. In the minds of some people, the idea of duality brings up the intial separation from God, Higher Forces, and fragmentation of a sense of soul. I welcome your invite to discuss it on a blog post.

    3. Hi, Donna from When Iris Rises sent me. She left me a comment on my blog about an amazing dream I had. She thinks you would be perfect to interpret the dream. If you get time, would you mind taking a look? It’s on my website under the blog section. It should be the first entry listed but if not, it’s under Full Moon High Tide. Make sure you go to the blog section, because there’s a video show and vlog. Confusing! Thank you!!

    4. To Donna: Great! I’m looking forward to your perspective.

      To Liara: Spot-ON! These diverse perspectives are precisely what I was hoping read about from the various bloggers. I’m looking forward to reading yours.

      To Mahud: Hi! Thanks for suggesting my spearheading the topic! I’m particularly intrigued about which wonderful rabbit you’ll pull out of your hat for this topic.

      To Mutha Mae: I’m happy to regurgitate whatever impressions wash over me in the accessing of your dream. I’ll be devoting this evening and tomorrow evening to interpretive work – I’ll be in touch with you.

      To Everybody: Light & Super-Smiles.

    5. Thanks for the invitation.
      This is a great topic and one that emerges for me quite a bit. It seems to represent a very Western perspective…it is also reflected in the differences between the right and left brain. I just saw a video by a neuroanatomist who had a stroke that illustrated the very global perspective of the right brain, the state of mind that we hope to reach meditatively.
      So many of our power imbalances are couched in the dualistic self and other and can only be deconstructed by reconceptualizing, of breaking free from dualistic thinking.
      I will read the others’ responses with interest and hope you will think of me for the next time.

    6. I missed it! Just found your blog after seeing the synchroblog on another site. I would love to be a part next time. I have a mythology blog that takes a simple view of mythology and focuses mostly on connections to today.

      I like what I have seen on your blog.


    7. Hi Mark!

      It’s never too late!!!

      I’ll link right to your post if you still want to write on the synchroblog subject. I’ll notify the other participants of your participation too.

      Join in – the beauty of the bloggers within our genre is that we’re comprised of amazingly open-minded folks who understand that opportunity for evolution never revolves on a timed schedule 🙂

      So feel free to play along, and I’ll be sure to get you included on June’s synchroblog!

      BTW: Your blog is great!


    8. Hi Donna,
      Indeed you did leave me a comment about your post, but for some reason it got bunged up in my spaminator. We’re all straight now. Thanks!

    9. I will certainly do the June synchroblog. Thanks for your compliment on my blog.
      I teach high school English, usually the lower levels, and symbolism is one of the greatest things to teach them. Once they get it, they are all excited about this new world they have found. Of course some are frustrated because now when they watch MTV or a movie, they see symbols and are thus thinking about “school stuff” on the weekend.

    10. Hi Mark,

      We’ll be sure to include on the list for the next synchroblog.

      It’s thrilling to know you are contributing to our youth’s perspective in such a way.

      Even better that you have the luxury of seeing first-hand through young eyes how symbolism can open up new worlds of thought and experience.


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