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Responsibility and Symbolic Interpretations

Personal Views on the Responsibility of Symbolic Interpretations
Personal Views on the Responsibility of Symbolic Interpretations

I’ve been offering perspectives into deeper symbolism for years.  Understandably, I’m constantly called upon to provide symbolic interpretations and personal consultations.  Although I do answer as many emails as I can (mostly referring inquirers back to the 1000+ online pages I’ve already written) about varying forms of symbolism…I feel a nagging discomfort with it.

This baffles a lot of my friends and colleagues.  They ask: “Why don’t you offer a symbolic consultation service?  You could help so many people.  You could make a great income and profession from it!”

That’s true.  Except…I have major moral conflicts about a) charging for interpretations and b) having the weight of this responsibility on my shoulders.

In a previous life (this life, but seemingly so long ago it feels like a different life), I served in the medical field.  At that time, I was a witness to new lives being born.  Conversely, I was witness to lives transitioning into so-called “death” too.  Each moment in my medical career proved overwhelmingly crucial and stood as a reminder of the responsibility involved with the process of healing the human condition – physical and spiritual.  I know those of you in the healing profession can relate 100%.

Some may argue that offering symbolic interpretations is not a life-or-death business.  I dunno about that.  I’m not so sure human energy differentiates between physical and non-physical.  We’re all an amalgamation of varying forces, entangled and interconnected

Perhaps one day I’ll evolve into a state of being that allows me to offer personalized readings, but for now my perspective is deeply planted in the contrary. 


Because I’m not convinced it’s my responsibility to tell folks what a symbolic phenomenon means to them, or what kind of message it holds.  I always figured this is the responsibility of the one encountering the phenomenon…not me. 

So, I continue to offer personal observations online about symbolic meanings.  But these are only my perspectives. 

The real key to lasting soul-evolution is deciphering symbolism for ourselves – to our own personal satisfaction.  Of course, there are situations in which an outside view is required.  But the majority of the work in understanding ourselves, our lives, our collective consciousness is up to each of us.  That’s why I’m forever touting the value of personal responsibility in interpreting symbolic events.

Furthermore, our awareness would not be drawn to a symbolic event if we ourselves were not equipped to interpret it.  It may take an investment in time, meditation, awareness, focus, research, patience, etc., etc….but I’m resolute in the knowing that every symbolic episode is unique to each of us.  Likewise, the meanings are unique and therefore the interpretations require personal reflection first and foremost.

Trust in the process.  Trust in your own ability to make sense of the deeper meanings that are inherent to life.  That’s what living  a symbolic life is all about. 

Be determined in mining for meanings in your own inner caverns of knowing.  You will reap gold eventually, and that’s a promise.