Grasslands of Dreams: Meanings Behind Dreaming of Grass

Dreaming of Grass
Dreaming of Grass

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Dreams pave the way to our most profound knowing.  Lately, I’ve been dreaming of grass.  My meditations have been of a grassy nature too.  I thought it would be nice to share a few thoughts on the symbolic meaning of dreaming of grass.

Some observations:

Green Green Grass of Home:
Grass is green (at least, most of it is).  This puts my dreaming mind in the Anahata chakra – the heart chakra, as this energy center swims in veridian waves.  The heart chakra governs health, healing and high-hearted aspects like inclusion, connection, empathy and love.  The heart is the engine of the body, and the Greeks felt the heart fueled our spirits with emotional power and inspiration.  So, dreaming of grass can suggest our attention be directed to the function of the heart – emotionally and physically.  Innumerable cultures believe the heart is the home of the soul too.  So dreaming of grass can be a call to return to our homes – a call to return our attention to our soul-center.

Get a Grip:
Grass is symbolic of a vast system of inter-connectivity.  If you’ve ever observed the root system of a patch of grass, you have the perfect illustration of connection.  There is no separation.  Dreaming of grass is a message of connection with community or even re-connecting with our personal roots (history, emotional centered-ness).  Furthermore, grass has been utilized by savvy agriculturalists as a means to prevent soil erosion.  The grass serves as a matrix that grips the soil and keeps it in place during times of flooding.   There is symbolism in this.  Dreaming of grass could be a message for us to get a grip on our foundational beliefs – don’t get washed away in the floods of life.

Grass Roots:
This brings me to my final symbolic observation about dreaming of grass – grass roots.  Grassy dreams are often a message for us to get to the root of issues that are in our fore-thoughts.  If something is causing us stress, it’s time to get to the root of it.  However, in dreamy grasslands, we see the roots are all interconnected – so we may have to do some digging.  In other worlds finding one root of a problem may lead us to several other issues.  In this case, it’s important to honor the process of working through our perspectives and beliefs about troubling matters.  Be patient, and nourish yourself as you get to the root-heart of various matters of conflict.

Grass is a vast ecosystem in itself, and as such, it is symbolic of nourishment.  When analyzing your own dreams, be mindful to feed yourself compassionately – it’s the only way to insure a properly rooted foundation in your interpretations.

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