List of Planet Names and Their Evolution

List of Planet Names & Their Evolution in Time
List of Planet Names & Their Evolution in Time

Our current astrological list of planet names came first from Babylonia.  Appropriately, Babylonians named these celestial beauties after their gods.   They are:

  • Sun = Shamash
  • Mercury = Nabu
  • Venus = Ishtar
  • Mars = Nergal
  • Jupiter = Marduk
  • Saturn = Ninurta
  • Moon = Sin

(Uranus, Neptune & Pluto were not quite visible to the Babylonian star-gazing methods.  Also, although the sun and moon are luminaries, they are considered influencial, and are classified as planets in the astrological mind-set).

Babylonian astrology became popular to the ancient Greeks who embraced the Babylonian body of work on the subject and adopted the framework as their own.  So much so, they renamed the Babylonian god planets to their own nomenclature:

  • Shamash = Helios
  • Nabu = Hermes
  • Ishtar = Aphrodite
  • Nergal = Ares
  • Marduk = Zeus
  • Ninurta = Kronos
  • Sin = Selenê

The Romans later re-established the planet names in Latin, these are what we know and recognize today.

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  1. Why human beings feel compelled to name anything has always intrigued me. Underlying reasons exist for name choices; history, comparison, association and the deep desire to know or master things.

  2. Hi Allen, thanks for commenting with this great advice.

    I’m not convinced that any of us are deceived or self-deluded. Rather, perhaps we’re just of different points of view.

    Just as fingerprints and snowflakes offer endless variety, so too do paths of perception yield different journey’s.

    Thanks again, namaste,

  3. its strange to me that many people around the world are searching the stars,to see if there is any alien life in the cosmos,well if you believe in a god or gods,there is,according to the christian holy bible,and most probably all religious books of all the other religions,god created the earth,the great achitect,the builder,but as we know on earth architects,builders,do not necessarily live in the place they designed or built,so they tend not to be local,the location is foreign to them,as they do not know their way round,or where everything is at hand,my point is,looking for alien life,is looking for god,they are the same thing

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