Dreaming of Butterflies and Symbolic Meaning of Butterfly

Symbolic Butterfly Meaning in Dreams
Symbolic Butterfly Meaning in Dreams

Dreaming of the butterfly relates to rebirth and metamorphosis. 

We establish these meanings because of the intricate and impressive process the butterfly takes in becoming such (from egg to larvae to pupa to butterfly).

Often when we dream of butterflies it indicates we are going through a transition in our lives.  Here the subconscious is telling us to be mindful of the changes taking place.  These changes are natural, and we should do our best to appreciate the shifts as they come (rather than fighting the changes).

Expanding on this point, dreaming of butterflies also reminds us to trust in nature and evolve in the unfolding process of our lives.  In other words, respect the changes, and observe each step in the transformation.  Each is natural and vital to growth.

Turning to the Tarot for more insight, we see the butterfly as a Tarot symbol in the King & Queen of Swords.  This indicates we are having a change of thought about something and/or we may need to change our approach when we’re dealing with conflicts & challenges.

As I tell all my readers, please bear in mind I am only giving you my perspective on dream interpretation.  Ultimately, only you can determine what the dream meaning of butterfly is to you.

I would encourage you to invest the time in meditation about this dream and the butterfly.  When we quiet our minds, and genuinely seek the soul, we will always receive insight into our questions.

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