Dreaming of Lice – Symbolic Meaning of Parasites

As many of you may know by now, I get a lot of colorful questions asked of me about symbolic meanings as well as symbolic dream meanings.  

This recent question from one of my readers was a welcome change.  Often our first response to the subject of lice or parasites is “Eww! Yuck!” 

Not fair!  Parasites have symbolic meaning too!  In fact, while researching the meaning of lice and parasites in general, I found these little creatures  have many lessons to impart to us. 

My response to this reader’s question about what it means when we dream of lice and symbolic meaning of parasites follows:

Dear Bugged Out:

Lice, as you know, are parasitic creatures.  They require a host in order to exist.

When Lice come to our attention in our dreams, it can be an indication that our subconscious is trying to tell us to let go of some pesky people or ideals in our lives.

When we are being “sucked dry” by too many responsibilities, too many obligations, or torn in too many directions by well-meaning people, the Louse will come to our attention as a message to withdraw ourselves and resist being pulled into situations we do not wish for ourselves.

The fact that you were dreaming of Lice around your head and down the spine indicates that you may be dealing with some challenging thoughts (the head & spinal cord being symbolic of the nervous system & the origin of thought), that there are many choices before you – and all of them may be “bugging” you.  Perhaps it is difficult for you to find peace for all the thoughts and choices you are experiencing right now.

Nevertheless, you can take advantage of the Louse.  Observe the beauty in its symbiotic relationship with its host.  The Louse actually changes its DNA to accommodate that of its host – assuring a life-long relationship.  This is a lesson of flexibility, and a message that we can work with our challenges rather than fight against them.

This is a clear message that we can learn to live with our decisions – that we can indeed make the best of things.  Sometimes we need only to adapt in order to live in peace.

Furthermore, the Louse never takes more from its host than either can handle (for to do so would destroy its own livelihood).  This is a message that we can all learn from.  Sometimes when Lice are in our dreams it indicates that we are either asking too much from our loved ones, or they are asking too much of us.

30 thoughts on “Dreaming of Lice – Symbolic Meaning of Parasites”

  1. Wow! I can’t believe how much this directly relates to what’s been going on with me this week!

  2. Hi! I woke up this morning thinking about the yucki dream I had last night and googled it and I found u! I’m not sure what exacly this dream was about but sounds very similar to mine…I dreamed of my daughter having lice, in the dream I was actually taking them out of her hair and killing them and as I killed them I was placing them in the floor and counting them, the last one I pulled was huge and it bit me as I grabed it with my fingers and I killed it, I even heard the cracking sound as I killed them in bet my nails, there were about 8 in total laying on the floor, is this the same meaning??

  3. Hi MR.,
    Each dream will have different meanings according to the dreamer.

    When I think of your dream, I think of nagging thoughts that might be “buggging” your daughter…or situations that might be clinging around your daughter that you may find undesirable.

    A natural role of parenthood is to protect our children – picking out the parasites could be an analogy for protecting your child from nagging, disturbing situations.

    Just some thoughts.


  4. Thank you! But what is interesting is that the interpretation of the other dream SOUNDS LIKE ME RIGHT NOW!

  5. hi i have had 3 dreams now of head lice on me and i scratching that much in my sleep, its starting to worry me as i don’t have them. but i cant relate to what was said in your symbolic meaning of parasites. i believe it must related to some thing just cant figure it out.

  6. I dreamt of a rat that I felt a fondness towards and I allowed it to get into bed with me and I petted it. While I was stroking it lice started jumping off its back. I heard people saying kill it kill it, but I was sad but also disgusted at the same time towards the lice.

  7. omg this is so true. this has been going on with me for awhile now and after reading this and my dream I now know what I need to do. Thanks it was alot of help

  8. Dear Avia
    I am really impressed with your symbolic meanings blog and would like to receive more of your stuff!
    Thank you and regards

  9. I was dreaming that I was removing the head lice from my granddaughter head also killing them with my nails..I could see them so clearly as they were crawling around her neck..but the meaning you gave is so close to want is happening to me right now and many Thanks…Have a great day!

  10. i love this website, your meanings are so right.
    i had a dream that i brushed 5 headlice out of my hair into the sink and was really angry that i had them. strange

  11. i been thinking about the head lice dream all day today, and just really wanted to know what it meant. and what you said totally made sence.

  12. avenefica,
    Thank you for your insight. I was not sure what would pop up when I Googled what was in my dream last night. My first thought was “ewww”, but now it makes sense.
    In my dream…a lady I did not know had them tons of them jumping out and I did not want them to get on my, so I killed them as they jumped out. I stilled helped the lady, but she did not seem to notice them…I was worried they would get all over my house/kids/self etc, but still helped. I was rather confused and concerned….So not sure what that means in that context, but can relate to your Symbolic Perspective. THANK YOU

  13. This is all so interesting! I had a dream last night about my mom telling me that she had lice and asking me to check her head and kill as many as I can find! Any little crawling creep gives me the creeps and so I told her I don’t know what they look like. So she grabbed my niece (she has some) and told me this is what they look like. I couldn’t see them because they were so small and out of nowhere one huge one crawled right out and as my mom tried to kill it it jumped right out of my niece’s head but I was the one that killed it in the air! What does that MeaN???

  14. Hi, I found this article very interesting and so related on my situation right now. I nearly cried when I read this article, I never imagine that louse could be significant on my unconscious thoughts. Yes, I am really torn on my situation right now and I don’t know the meaning of decision now, that’s how torn I am. Thank you Avia for sharing this wonderful article with us. You made me realize to hear my self from time to time.

  15. i had this dream and thank you that you were able to interpret it.I’m experiencing the same situation that i have lots of obligations to do this past weeks.It really relates on whats going on with my life many thanks

  16. Hi! You’re a very interesting and gifted person. This article really helped me out. Thank you!

  17. I believe that every dream has to do with something in your real life. And this one hit the lice in the head, lol ( pun intended)

  18. Just wanted to let you know that i enjoyed reading this after having a dream of pulling lice and nits from a young girls hair. I never saw the girls face but i just kept thinking it was my daughter or a friends daughter. I woke up all thinking that it could only mean despair, but after reading your analysis, i feel better. THANK YOU

  19. My brother suggested I may like this blog. He used to
    be entirely right. This publish truly made my day. You can not imagine just how a lot
    time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  20. This is crazy how much this relates to my life now…so far 2 dreams and (i cannot take it anymore!) thank u so much for the great info!!

  21. Last night I saw lice in my dream. There were too many of them. I was combing my hair and they were all over a white cloth. Big lice!! I was disturbed to see them. At morning I told my husband about it. I searched through internet and found your article. I am so surprised to see the relevance to my time and my dream. Thank you.

  22. Hi Avenefica,
    I’m totally amazed with the meaning of my dream too. Can relate so close to it. Thanks to you I can see that these mental disturbances are affecting me.

  23. I dreamt that I have many many small lice in my head and I was killing them with my nails….
    I was shocked when I woke up because I haven’t dreamt like this before…

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