Venus Symbol: A Meditation

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Venus Symbol Meditation
Venus Symbol Meditation

The Venus symbol  is an effective meditational tool for law of attraction purposes because its symbol (shown left) can be utilized to focus desired intent into common reality.

The symbol is perfectly poised for this purpose because it is comprised of the circle and the cross. 

The circle represents the womb of desire

The cross represents the path to manifesting that desire into the physical.

Additionally, Venus the planet as well as the actual (Roman) goddess and all her consorts, visages harbor attributes such as: Love, passion, desire, harmony, unity, creativity, imagination, fertility. 

All these attributes focused, serve as a fine beacon for lighting the energetic path in moving dreams into reality.

The Symbol Meditation:

See the Venus symbol in your minds eye.

Visualize your highest intentions and desires living within the circle (womb).  View these desires swirling in the orb of the Venus symbol, and being nurtured in the kind of love Venus (as in the goddess) can provide. 

Within the orb, your desires are drenched in a luscious flavor of love and life-giving nectar.

After a time of churning in a Venus love bath, see your intentions moving down into the cross-section of physical manifestation.

Consider the cross as a message that says “X marks the spot.” This is the destination of your finest ideal – this is where love-infused intent drives its claim into your physical realms.

See your intent at the cross-hairs of your focus.  Right in the center of the cross lands your desire, full, fleshed and realized in this physical reality.

I’ve used this technique with surprisingly effective results.  The key is to imbue your thoughts with that wholesome, appreciative vibe (the goddess) Venus reflects.

More on the Venus symbol, including other tips that may assist this meditation can be found on my Venus symbol page here.

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  1. Hi there …

    I enjoyed your full article about this important symbol. Would like to add that upon reflection the venus symbol looks an awful lot like an egyptian ankh, i.e., the key of life, a personal symbol reminding me to live life to the fullest without actually being absorbed completely by the current trippy world.

    More wonderful information from the fount of knowledge that is YOU.


  2. Really enjoyed your commentary on the Venus symbol. Also, it came at a “synchronous” moment. Looking forward to reading more from you on the subject as I am a Venusian (Taurus with Venus in conjunction to Jupiter at 1st degree Taurus).

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