Butterfly Bits.

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Butterfly Bits

In the course of my work, I answer a lot of questions and unfailingly, the answering causes my own awareness to peek out over the molehills of my own minutiae and crest to a higher view.

It has to do with the adage that goes something like “in service, you save yourself.” Well, something like that.


I got a question from Tracy: “I recently found a butterfly with only one wing and its body still attached to it. What does that mean?”

What does that mean? I think it’s a great question, with valid answers.

My advice to Tracy is to first identify what the meaning of butterfly is to her, and then go from there.

For example, if the symbolism of the butterfly speaks of transition, her butterfly bits might translate to mean something like:

  • Transition interrupted
  • Halfway through the changes
  • Need more resources to complete the transition

If the meaning of the butterfly speaks to her of freedom, flight or migration (as butterflies do), we might intuit the mutilated butterfly to mean:

  • Grounded. Travel is on hold.
  • Delay. Regroup and reconnect your wings.
  • Limitation. What’s holding you back?  What’s missing?

The 1/2 equipped butterfly talks to me of a change in flight pattern (linking the butterfly theme of transition and mobility together).

Of course, these are only my perspectives.  Tracy will have to mine the meanings for herself.  Something about this 1/2 winged butterfly body she found really spoke to her – and that, in itself, demands attention. 

When situations speak to us, no matter how small they seem, they are our clues into deeper knowing.  These are our signs.

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  1. Interesting question..and response. I liked following along in your research and thought process.
    Butterflies seem attracted to me..wherever I go..even way out on my dock over the river (and strong winds). I’ve had them fly straight toward my face as if to get my attention..and then fly straight up just before flying into my face. More than once they completely disappeared after that..as if the wind swallowed them up. :O

    Thank you for BEing!

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