Finding Your Animal Totem

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I often get the question: “how do I go about finding my animal totem?” or “what is my animal sign?” 

The answers are as many as the number of paths we take to find ourselves, but the following is my response to finding your animal totem … it might narrow down the search .

There are many ways to identify ourselves with specific totems, and most people want the quick/easy way.  Here are a few:

Most obvious ways to obtain our animal totems are to consult various zodiac sources.  The Chinese have their own animals for the zodiac.  Click here for Chinese zodiac animal information

Or, we may also consult the common Native American zodiac   for determining our animal totems.

Legend has it that the ancient Celts would adopt animal signs according to the season in which he/she was born (this was particularly useful in indicating newborn male children predispositioned to be warriors). 

The Bull is the sign of Summer.
The Cat the sign of Winter.
The Dog is the sign of Spring. 
The Goose the sign of Fall. 

You can discover these and Celtic animal symbol meaning on my symbols website

These are quick/easy ways of finding animal energy that resonates with your own. 

However,  I would encourage you to open communication with the animal realm.  Invest the time to meditate and contemplate, and really reach out to the realm of animal spirit.  You will find that these animals are quite willing to communicate with and, and their knowledge is profound.  It’s worth the time you invest.

Furthermore, we find that animals are willing to share their attributes and wisdom with us out of an innate knowledge that this will both benefit ourselves, and will benefit the animal kingdom. 

We take take all these paths and more to determine our animal totems.  Ultimately, however it is up to us to open ourselves to the natural realm.  Finding our animal totem is a mutual process between you and the animal/natural world.  It takes time, meditation, soul-searching, and a clear understanding who we are in relation to our planet. 

Yes, it is a big deal.  Taking up union with an animal energy is something quite larger than just flippantly claiming an elephant as one’s totem.  It is about honor, awareness and devotion to both self & the natural world.

Find more information on identifying animal totems here.

I hope this helps you in your search to obtain that which you seek.

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