Tara: And Celtic Symbols for Beauty

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion for a symbol representing the Celtic Tara landmark and/or a Celtic symbol for beauty held in this place.  The following is my response:

The area of Tara (shown right) that is commonly referred to as a symbol of Tara itself.  This lemniscate-like design is formed by trenches or moat-like formations outlining the Hill of Tara

This landscape design can certainly be used to represent this place of power.  Other Celtic symbol s that represents beauty pertaining to Tara are found below.

Celtic Tara is the place of great brilliance, wisdom, and power as it was the ancient home of the Celtic kings.  It was also thought to be a portal for cosmic forces – as such, the location itself represents vision and great strength.

This in mind, we can turn to two Celtic systems of symbolic language for symbolic representations:  The Ogham and Rune systems are quite helpful in lending symbolism to the phenomenon of Tara (and beauty).

 The Ogham can provide many symbolic images for us as we seek depth in our world.  As you may know, the Ogham is the ancient Celtic art of divination using the poetic language of trees.

The Luis (its Ogham symbol & natural likeness shown left) is a radiant representation of beauty and vision. The Luis (of the Rowan tree) produces the fruit of the Gods in Celtic legend, and emits a power of strength, courage, and protection to all who bear its symbol. Noble, sturdy and divine, the Luis is also symbolic of steady wisdom and honor.  It is also a symbol of classic, timeless beauty.  These qualities and it’s growth in the Tara region make the Luis an excellent symbolic conveyance. 

Next we can consider symbolism of the rune system.  Although Nordic in origin, many Celtic tribes adopted the runes in their symbolic language as well as used them in their divining needs.

The Ing rune (shown left) is the Accomplishment rune and is quite suitable for representation of Tara and/or beauty as it was a revered symbol among kings and queens alike.  This is due to the fact that this rune is/was seen as a symbol of good fortune it is also a symbol of wise judgements, turning points, patience, decisions, renewal, as well as nobility.  The Ing is also symbolic of meeting challenges (as Celtic warriors are apt to do) head-on, and dealing with these challenges with strength as well as diplomacy.  Foremost, it is a symbol of serenity and calm mind which and ultimately a symbol of quite force of beauty and strength…the very concepts that are the embodiment of Tara.