How To Read Number Meanings – A Sample Numerological Reading

One of the beautiful things about working with the meaning of numbers is that they can be manipulated in so many ways.

Using the spiritual meaning of number twenty six as an example for this numerological reading…

If we separate the number 26, we start with the number meaning of 2, which holds meanings of:

  • balance
  • duality
  • choice
  • change
  • partnership
  • combination
  • decisions
  • equality

Then we can go on to the number 6 which holds meanings of:

  • tolerance
  • dependability
  • patience
  • love
  • sincerity
  • compassion
  • forgiveness
  • knowledge
  • harmony

The common practice of numerology is to reduce the numbers.  To do this we take 2+6 = 8

The number meaning of 8 deal with:

  • success
  • continuation
  • business
  • wealth
  • cycles
  • longevity
  • patterns
  • opportunity

To derive personal meanings of this number – take each number meanings and apply them to your life.

For example – consider the number 2 meanings and ask yourself:

  • What choices you need to make in your life?
  • How are your relationships?
  • Do you need more balance in your life?

Number 6 questions you may ask:

  • Am I being sincere in my dealings with others – are others being sincere with me?
  • Is there a need for forgivness in my life?
  • Do I need to acquire more harmony in my life?

Or, if you chose to reduce your original number sequence…(in this case number 8):

  • What are my financial goals, and am I acting in-line with these?
  • What is my idea of success, and am I living a life that will assure this ideal?
  • What kind of opportunities are available to me right now?
  • What patterns are repeating in my life that I need to learn from?

From these questions you’ll begin to formulate a story in which you will flesh out a personal meaning for your number.

Because your number deals primarily with balance, and harmony – you may be inclined to apply this number meaning to your personal relationships.

Numbers can be beautifully simple and blindingly complex – it’s all in our interpretation and how we apply their meanings to our personal situations.

I always recommend playing with numbers.  Play with the meanings, add them up, subtract them, mix them up, draw them, journal them, dance with them.  Incorporate other tools in enhancing your knowledge of number systems.

It’s like solving a puzzle – numbers are congruent – eventually they will fall into place, and make meaning in your life.

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  1. Your theory clears some conceptual ideas. But I still want to get the full knowledge of Numerology as I am getting so many different ideas and results about my number.

  2. Julie,That’s aiznmag! I am so envious that your hubbie got to pick up the baby. I have only ever been able to pet/experience one close up like that one time in my life. When I was about ten years old. A friend of my father’s, who was an illustrator, rescued one and nursed her back to health for many months before setting her free. He did a pen-and-ink portrait of her which I have framed in my bedroom to this day. The Owl is my totem. (If you look in my photo on the top of Shift Your Spirits, you can see that I wear a ginormous silver Native American horned owl ring.)About five and a half years ago, I moved back to where I grew up — very, very close — so close that every day I can see and hear the same family of owls that I have known since I was a kid. Many breeds of owls will settle in a particular spot and stay there for generations and generations. These are in the woods, so I’m fairly certain they are the same. They are not ominous to me at all — I associate them with Family and my personal guardian angels. (For some reason they are very particularly an incarnation of angelic entities as opposed to spirit guides.)

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