White Widow Spider Symbolism

One of my readers contacting me as she was having reoccuring dreams about a white widow spider. My response to her message follows here: 

Dear Web Weaver:

I trust you have read my Spider symbolism page: Spider Symbol Meanings Page

The widow is a beautiful symbol of honoring the feminine energy within each of us.  Nurturing, comfort, patience, and wisdom.

Further, the widow is a creature of the autumnal equinox…this season we are entering now…a symbol of harvest and preparation.

Often the widow comes when it is time to prepare our homes and hearts for new events in our lives…to get ready for a new turn in our life’s direction.

The widow also comes as a message of peace and patience.  When we may be anxious or edgy the widow reminds us that all things come into (our web) understanding in good time.  Simply continue about the business of preparation (spinning) and all good things will come.

This message of patience is also consistent with spiders being symbolic of the passage of time.  Many Native American tribes see each round within the spiders web as a certain span of time…as such, many tribes see the spider as the mother of time itself.

The color white is symbolic of purity, enlightenment, and clarity.  When white is associated with totems within our visions it is a sign of blessing…a confirmation that our intentions are true, and that we are pure of heart in our endeavors.

I have a brief summary of color meanings on my symbols site. Here is the link:  Color Symbolism and Meaning.

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Thanks to Fabian on Flickr for the use of the white widow picture.

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