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Do-Over’s and the Meaning of Rainbows

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Meaning of Rainbows

Any youngster subjected to vacation Bible school remembers the story about God sending a rainbow to the world after the Great Flood.

I was enchanted by this idea. I remember hearing my Bible school teacher talking about this magnificent “bow made of light to make the world right.”

In my simple-minded youth, I took this to be synonymous with a big “do-over.” You know…a do-over is when something gets botched, and you get to try again. A foul pitch, missed basketball hoop, or even losing a game of thumb wars could merit a do-over (depending on who you’re playing with).

As a fat kid with a gruesome skin condition and a slight stutter, I wished with all my heart God would grant my life a do-over. I imagined God wrapping me in a big bow of light, and magically turning everything wrong into everything right.

Of course, that didn’t happen, and I was a little crushed when my Science teacher quashed the idea that rainbows weren’t a magical gift-wrapping accessory from God, but actually a product of light refracting off water particles.

As it turns out, do-over’s and the meaning of rainbows aren’t too disparate in symbolism. How so?

Well, rainbows are intrinsically connected to rain or water. Water is symbolic of cleansing and healing. Consider the legendary healing waters that flow from the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in France. The water of Lourdes has purported to provide miraculous do-over’s by healing the sick. A simpler example is water washing away dirt and debris – that which is soiled is made clean by water. In this respect, the meaning of rainbows addresses themes of: Renewal, cleansing, rebirth and healing.

The “rainbow body” achieved by some Yogi master’s is the highest state of illumination, enlightenment and realization. It is the penultimate level of samsara – a very big deal – and typically achieved at the time of death. This (in my mind) is like a do-over. It is the ultimate clean slate. At the moment of death, the light and energy of the rainbow body eradicates all trace of earthly ties and allows the soul to restart its experience at a whole new level. This Hindu tantric phenomenon is the ultimate do-over and associates the meaning of rainbows with: Transformation, ascension and enlightenment.

We see a global do-over not only in Genesis, but also in the Epic of Gilgamesh. In this account, the Babylonian goddess Ishtar gave the world a do-over by creating a rainbow to restore the earth. Her rainbow also prohibited the god Enlil from ever wreaking more floods or havoc upon the earth because it blocked him from feeding on the offerings placed on earth’s altars.

Symbolic Meaning of Rainbows

Numerically, the meaning of rainbows is like a re-start in reality. How? Because the rainbow expresses the number seven in its colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). The number seven in numerology represents a turn-over in our consciousness. It’s because seven is a number of esoteric studies and knowledge. Once a level (known as the seventh level in many secret learning societies) of education has been achieved, the way we perceive the world and our lives changes. In essence, the scholar’s perception is made anew after obtaining a higher metaphysical education. This area of thought implies the meaning of rainbows deals with: Attainment, unification, harmonization, elucidation.

It’s noteworthy that there can’t be a do-over without some sort of fumble preceding it. This implies that the meaning of rainbows is synonymous with grace. Why? Because a do-over is a gift. Rainbow’s and do-over’s happen after a span of trial, tribulation, error or long-suffering takes place.

In essence, the rainbow is a symbol of reprieve – a symbol of hope and promise – a gift of grace.

I hope this post prompts your awareness the next time you see a rainbow. Maybe its presence will signify a gift of reprieve, and allow a healing space for you in your life.

Read more about the symbolic meaning of rainbows on the website.

Thanks for reading!

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Digging into Symbolic Garden Meanings

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Garden Meaning- Avia with Her Garden

I’ve enjoyed tiny herb gardens sitting in my kitchen windowsill for years. There’s something about seeing those perky green sprigs that always makes me perky too. I reasoned if such a tiny garden gave me so much joy, then surely a big one outside would be bliss-city! So, I decided to step up the ante and grow a grand garden outside.

This is the second year I’ve established a vegetable garden in my yard. Has it been bliss city? Not quite. Well, I was blissfully clueless as to how much work was involved. Lol. But, I have to admit…the fruits of my labor have been well worth the sweat equity.

There have been more rewards to tending a garden than just the fresh produce. I’m talking about the symbolic harvest. Walking down the garden path has proven to be very educational, with multi-faceted layers of lessons learned along the way.

You know me…I’m always tracking down symbolic meanings, and my forays into agricultural cultivation have offered a garden of symbolism…ripe for the plucking. So let’s start tilling those symbolic garden meanings

The most profound symbolic meanings come when we can draw parallels between our external world and our internal world. Gardens open their gates willingly to these kinds of parallel experiences.

Most notable is how we can equate gardens to our psychological standing. How? Easy.

Symbolic Garden Meanings are Ready for the Picking When we Look for Them

Gardens need an ever-watchful eye to insure growth remains steady and strong. Same is true for our thoughts and feelings. Simply put, we must be the ever-vigilant gardener of our own minds. We must be active in rooting out wayward thoughts and pulling out the negative behaviors that are like weeds, choking out the fine potential fruit growing within us.

And just like earthly gardens, we’re going to have some tough conditions with which to contend, and these can threaten our emotional growth.

  • Drought: Dark nights of the soul
  • Disease: Illness caused by external influences pushing us out of balance
  • Infestations: People or circumstances ‘bugging’ us and distracting us from our growth.
  • Storms: Feeling drowned or overwhelmed by life’s problems

Thankfully, for every threat, there exists its twin:

  • Sunlight: Inspiration, creativity, illumination
  • Cool Rainfall: Provision from our spiritual source
  • Rich Soil: The sense of being anchored and comfortable with ourselves and our growth
  • A Loving Keeper: The Gardener of our souls (the god or higher power of your own understanding) who is ever-supportive in our spiritual growth

I’m not the first to associate the symbolism of garden meanings with the human mind and spirit. James Allen, made the parallel in his book, As a Man Thinketh. So did Dr. Joseph Murphy…in several of his books, most notably The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Even the Bible makes multiple comparisons between the garden and the condition of the spirit.

A little research into the meaning of gardens reveals they are representatives of the divine and tangible blessings from God. This is a theme in many cultures around the world, and gardens are synonymous with the potential for humans to cultivate their own inner power and spiritual ripeness.

Gardens: Symbolic of Sacred Spaces

Overwhelmingly, the idea of paradise and sacred space is centered on the symbolic meaning of gardens. In fact, the word garden means “enclosure” (German/English). This emphasizes symbolic garden themes of :

  • A retreat
  • A sanctuary
  • A safe place
  • A sacred space
  • A space to grow
  • An area in which to worship
  • A space to encourage an attitude of appreciation

All gardens have the potential to be these things, even the gardens within our minds and hearts. There are soft, tender spaces within us that are rich and ready to accept our spiritual seeds. We can enter these sacred inner gardens through meditation. By traveling inward, we can encounter the inner garden, and plant seeds of joy, love, peace, abundance.

Our constant vigil to nurture these ideals (seeds) will be required for their ripening and fruition. Furthermore, our connection and surrender to a higher design is akin to the sun shining upon the gardens of the Earth. Call it your Higher Power, God, or Allah, but there is indeed a Divine Gardner who has tended to the garden of our souls, and continues to influence our spiritual path. Working in tandem with this Source makes for a lush and fruitful inner landscape…a stellar spiritual garden with infinite potential and growth.

There are, of course, more symbolic garden meanings ripe for the harvest and ready for your contemplation. These are just the immediate symbolic phenomenon I have encountered while tending to my own garden (external and internal).

I hope this symbolic parallel gives you a good visualization for personal growth. I further trust this article gets your intuition germinating with new ideas that sprout into big rewards in your life.

If you liked this post, be sure to check out my article on Symbolic Garden Meanings. It is a more structured piece, and features symbolism from cultural and mythological perspectives. I even talk about the symbolic meaning of different kinds of gardens (water gardens, rock gardens, etc).

Thanks for reading, and happy gardening!

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Sunday, July 10th, 2011
Avia V. - Guest Speaker for Real Riches by Tanna Corona

Avia V. - Guest Speaker for Real Riches by Tanna Corona

Tanna Corona is the brilliance behind “Real Riches,” a popular Blog Talk Radio show she hosts every week.

Tanna’s show features superior gems of insight for demonstrating abundance, prosperity and love in all areas of life.

I’ve had such a great time talking about symbolic portents with Tanna, and that conversation will continue on her talk show this Monday, 7/11/11 at 11:00 pm.

Come join us for a chat about living a symbolic life – it’s going to be a groovy show!

Thanks goes to Tanna for allowing me to be a guest on the show!

I’m jazzed about connecting with you all ethers this Monday! :)

(click this photo or any of the links in this post to listen in!)