Native American Swastika Symbol Meaning (Hopi)

The Hopi tribe is among the most prolific in offering Native American symbols. One of the more common of these is the “swastika” or “four angle cross.”

We can delve into the Native American swastika symbol meaning by investigating several Hopi legends.

In one Hopi legened, the first portion is the cross (without the right-angle bends).  This symbol represents spiritual migration.

These people understand that they first journey is a spiritual one.  We start from the center and move out in four directions in a spiritual sense – extending our senses and spirit out into the etheral realm.  This makes up the cross (without the right-angled bends).

The right angle is representative of the physical migration of the Hopi. According to legend after the spiritual journey is made, the physical migrations of the clans began along the North/South axle of Earth and along the East/West axle of Earth.

There is also another Hopi legend that the first portion of the symbol meaning was part of a sun walk ritual where the first of the individual clans walked out into the Sun migrating out as far as the Sun’s rays extended.

After walking the length of the Sun’s rays, they then turned left and walked as far as the Earth would allow.

This form of the legend makes the four-angled cross a sacred symbol of Sun & Earth.