Native American Symbolism for Seer

I got an email from a gentleman who was working on a tattoo and wanted a Native American symbol for seer, to which I respond:

Dear Marks Alot: 

There are a few symbolic elements you can incorporate into your clients tattoo to represent the Native American concept of “seer.”

Most plains tribes consider the Lynx & the Crow to be immaculate “seers.” They consider these creatures to be highly intuitive, and keeper of secrets.

It is believed that Higher Authorities within the tribe such as Medicine Men, or the Grandmother figure were able to speak to these creatures. 

The Lynx and Crow would only speak to those who were open and wise enough to receive their messages.  Further, it was said that these creatures would give messages to these specially developed tribe members – messages dealing with future events, and status of people among theirs and other tribes.

Another option are tracks.  Plains tribes placed enormous value on one who could “read sign.”  Accurately reading tracks was not just for hunters of the tribe (common misinformation).  Rather, those who could read the signs of tracks as well as the rhythm of the trees, the ways of the sun, moon, stars and seasons…members who could literally read the tracks of the Mother were viewed as true “seers” among the tribe.  

Photo by Hashmil on Flickr.

Symbolic Meaning of Number 911

I get many emails from people telling me they see the number 911 in their lives – and what does it mean?  I provide a short answer on the symbolic meaning of number 911:

Nine’s deal with attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, and our success to achieve an influence on our circumstances. The spiritual meaning of number Nine deals with intellectual or dominant power, inventiveness, influence & control over situations and things.

One’s deal with with strong will, positivity, pure energy as well as new beginnings, and innocence. One’s represent action in both physical and mental realms.

In the case 911, we can double the meaning of the One as it is duplicated here.

So to tell the symbol story of 911, we may deduce that this number meaning as a whole deals with starting out in a new direction the hope of obtaining accomplishment, release, satisfaction or even creative expression.

This number meaning sequence also tells us that the observer (of this number) is powerfully intent on getting on a different track in life or wanting to making a bold move in a different more challenging direction with a goal of becoming recognized for his/her own true meaning.

As a whole (visually), we can see that the 9 is an invention or evolution between the doorway of the number Eleven.  We can see this when we look at the number sequence as a whole image….looking at the 911 we see the nine curling out of an expanding spiral of creation….entering (from an unexpected clockwise direction) through the gateway of infinite possibilities (the two ones side-by-side representing the door way).

Personally, when I see elevens I know I am walking through a door of change – I need to prepare myself to expect a change coming.  Adding the 9 prefix aludes the change will be sweeping, dominant and will have a tendency to control my mind if I am not careful & aware of what is happening amidst the change.

A special note, elevens are very powerful, and I’ve written a whole page about them on my website: Spiritual Meaning of Number Eleven    I also have good information on all the primary number on my Spiritual Meaning of Numbers page

You may also be interested in my symbolic meaning of number nine essay here.

Native American Symbol for Sister

Shown left is an adaptation for the Native American symbol for sister (plains Indian).

The X with a small circle is a represents woman-ness, female power, fertility, and compassion.

Side-by-side, these symbols represent two women bonded in a relationship of the soul – sisters.

Should one female symbol be above the other – this would be a symbol for mother or a representation of a grandmother relationship.

The positioning of side-by-side is very important as it indicates a union, bond, equality – a sharing in the journey of blood.

The circle around the two female symbols signifies family – family ties, family blood, clan closeness & protection.  The circle that never breaks – it holds that which can never be broken – the bond of souls, the bond of blood between this female relationship.

Symbolic Meaning of Frogs

Symbolic meaning of the frog deals with:

  • Creativity
  • Fertility
  • Luck
  • Cleansing
  • Intuition
  • Transformation

Due to the fascinating transitions the Frog goes through in its life, it is a symbol of metamorphosis. Furthermore, the Frog’s dual time spent on land and water represents duality of the soul. The Frog also symbolizes creativity and forward thinking.

Frog Animal Totems Facilitate:

  • Patience in undergoing life transitions, clarity of thought during transition
  • Embracing of personal transformation, welcoming internal morphing
  • Jump into creative thought, and leap out of habitual thinking patterns
  • Acceptance of our diversity and celebration of our opposite poles found in personality and lifestyle

More information on the symbolic meaning of frogs along with its Celtic, Asian and European meanings in cultural history can be found here. 

Celtic Symbol for Friendship

I often am asked for a quick/easy/single Celtic symbol for one concept.  For example, I am frequently asked for the Celtic symbol for Friendship.  As much as I wish I could spit out one ancient symbol for each human emotion like a gumball machine dispensing instant sugary highs – it just isn’t that easy (or simple). 

Here is one attempt to address my reader’s quest to obtain “the” Celtic symbol for friendship:

Dear BFF:

It’s difficult to gather accurate information on Celtic symbols and their meanings due to lack or circumspect sources.

However, there are a few Celtic Symbols for Friendship that you may want to consider researching to satisfy your own personal satisfaction.

Primarily…any Celtic knot is said to harbor the essence of friendship simply due to their implied symbolic meanings:  Unity, union, partnering, joining, eternity, connectedness, unbreakable, strength, and a host of like attributes.

According to George Bain, a 20th century Scottish Celtic art professor,  Celtic knots that have a closed path, (no end or beginning), are considered to be a symbol of eternity, eternal connectedness, or symbolic of the infinite.

Another option for a Celtic symbol of friendship would be the symbol of the Claddagh.

Claddagh (pronounced klä dä) is an ancient village just outside Galway City in Ireland.

The symbol gets its origin from Richard Joyce. Captured and taken from his homeland, Joyce was held as a slave in the West Indies. Eventually, he was sold to a Moorish goldsmith, where Joyce learned the art of jewelry making. Joyce eventually gained his freedom, and upon doing so, immediately went back to his homeland and settled down in the village of Claddagh.

Here he continued his goldsmith practice by making Celtic jewelry – specifically producing the Claddagh to celebrate his return home and to have a symbol for his love of kin and country. As seen today, the Claddagh has become quite popular as a sign of friendship and love.

A quick look at the symbols of the Claddagh:

  • The heart of the Claddagh is a symbol for love
  • The crown is symbolic of loyalty
  • The hands represent friendship

I always encourage people to meditate upon the symbols they are wanting clarification about.  Sit quietly in the presence of the Celtic Elders – ask them for knowledge you seek. 

Often I find that the best (and most personal) indentifiation of symbols are derived from our ancestors in spirit.

Crossing Paths With the Bear – A Quick Symbolic Meaning of Bear

The primary symbolic meaning of Bear is that of reflection and self-observation.

Hibernation is also a form of self-reflection. We all need to undergo times during our day and our lives to do as the Bear does.

When we cross paths with the Bear, we should envelope ourselves temporarily in solitude and silence with a goal for rebirth and self-understanding.

The Bear showing up in our lives is also a symbol for play, and that we need to relax and allow for some creativity into our lives.  The more we allow ourselves to loosen up and have fun, the more our lives begin to take on a more light and lively perspective.

The Bear is one among the animal representatives within the Native American zodiac, and stands for practicality, level-headedness and generosity.

Bears often come to us in dreams too.  As dream symbols, bears represent calm, stoic strength. Bears also indicate a time of introspection. If you are dreaming of a bear sleeping or hibernating, this is a message to do a little soul searching before you present an idea to the world. If a bear is chasing you, this means you are avoiding a big issue in your life, and it is time to deal with it. If the bear is standing up, this is a sign you need to defend your beliefs.

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