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Spiritual Adaptors and Finding the Right Fit

Spiritual Adaptors
Spiritual Adaptors

I live in a 132 year old house, and all the electrical outlets are those 2 slot kind. It seems every electrical device I own is 3-pronged, so I’m forever grabbing an adaptor to allow my 3 prongs to fit in my 2 hole outlets.This got me thinking about spirituality.There are adaptors available to us to assist us in getting more connected and allowing our spiritual energy to flow more freely.

We can seek out spiritual adaptors in the form of:

  • prayer
  • service
  • meditation
  • communing with nature
  • consulting a spiritual practitioner 

These are just a few examples of spiritual adaptors.

It’s the responsibility of each of us to find the right adaptor for our needs.  We must ask ourselves: “What tools are best utilized to serve my highest good, and allow my energetic current to flow most effectively?”

For example, I serve as an appropriate adaptor for certain people. Over the years, I’ve found a specific personality is drawn to me. Certain people come to me with very specific symbolic questions they want help in clarifying.  I’m the perfect adaptor for these people – we plug in together beautifully – our energy flows together just right.

On the other hand, we can sometimes reach for the wrong adaptor when seeking spiritual clarity.  A few poor adaptors I can think of offhand are drugs and abuse.  These adaptors either cut off energetic flow, or worse – cause backlash in the form of short circuits, and electrical fires that can spiritually damage us.

Whether we approach spiritual leaders for advice, or adopt practices for spiritual development, it’s important to seek an adaptor that “fits just right” with our needs. 

Last word: Be wary of “one size fits all.”

My First Rant. The Right to Arm Bears

bearrantThis is my first rant. Probably my last because tirades have nothing to do with symbolic-meanings. But, somethings just can’t be contained.Some folks call me mellow, and I’m agreeable to the term. Aside from being naturally amicable, I never watch TV and this is why:

To preface, bears have been drifting in and out of my dreams and meditations lately. So, when I overheard bears mentioned in the TV program my house-mate was watching, I thought it was a prompting.

I neither know the show, nor remember the location (although it was North America), but the show spoke about bears growing larger these days, and looming more close to residential homes

The camera then switched to one of these homes in which the homeowner, a woman with three kids took the cameraman on a tour of the new, sprawling residential yard.  She showed him where the bears were encroaching on HER yard.

With alarming cluelessness, she went on to tell the cameraman:  “They walk through here like they own the place. They go through my trash bins, they tromp through the back yard. I am afraid to let my kids out to play. Something needs to be done.”

To this, I would say yes, indeed something certainly does need to be done. YOU NEED TO MOVE LADY!!!!

THE BEARS WERE HERE FIRST! They DO own the place!!!

Something about the whole scene sang a sinister tune of irony that made my back teeth grind down to nubbins.

To clarify, I’m not an activist. I think it’s counter-intuitive.  

However, I was real tempted to borrow a t-shirt my mom often wears.  It’s got a picture of a grizzly bear on the front sporting a rifle and says “I support my right to arm bears.”  Nah, not my (mellow) style. 

So what’s an amicable soul to do?

Send my own message, in my own way.  Aside from this rant, I went on to publish some cool pages on bear symbolism.  If you’re interested here they are:

Symbolic Meaning of the Bear

Sacred Bears – A Native American Perspective

That’s all we can do. Fighting fire with fire only makes a situation more combustible.

But, thanks for listening to my rant, and for allowing me to let off steam.

Six Random Things

Random Facts About Me - A Blogger Community Project

Ailia, who presides over the phenomenal Paleothea: the Ancient Goddess blog, is participating in a community blog project encouraging bloggers to share a little about themselves. 

Ailia got tagged (by Pietra at Stregheria Pratica) for this fun project, tagged me, and now I’ll tag 6 others (list @ end of post).

Here’s how the community blog project works in more detail:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.


Now, 6 Random Things About Me:

1.  I hate divulging information about myself, but love it at the same time.  I think I’m wonderfully odd but hate the idea of getting cocky about it.  So, I walk a fine line.

2.  I have a compulsive and addictive nature – these behaviors bleed into everything I do.  As one might imagine – this can be very, very good and very, very bad.

3.  I meditate and find it to be as vital a requirement as breathing.

4.  After 12 years, I just quit a high-paying accounting career to funnel my energy into a very different focus.  My two other websites: and are the brain children of this focus.    I’m both electrified and scared shitless about this transition. 

5.  I’m heavily tattooed.   I’m convinced I was bleached at birth…my original color is “multi.”

6. I have a container fetish.  Boxes send me into orbit.  I love to compartmentalize.

That’s some poop on me.

Now, I tag the following folks in avid anticipation of their divulgences!  TAG, YOU’RE IT!

Hawk and Owl Messages

Bird Totem Messages
Bird Totem Messages

I was asked a question about hawk and owl messages.  My friend described a moment in which a hawk cried out to her.  Immediately following its call was the cry of an owl.  After contemplating other question details and ruminating with the hawk and owl, I offered possible messages the owl and hawk may be communicating to her. My response follows:

Hawks speak to us about focus.  They come to us in times when we are in the midst of a project or life situation that requires the bulk of attention.  They wing their way to us when we need a reminder to concentrate.
That your hawk was immediately followed by the voice of the owl may indicate a message of transition…specifically, a change in focus.
Owls speak to us about the unseen side of life, mystery, wonder, and the “otherworldly” cycles of reality.  Further, they bring us messages about change and transition.
That the hawk (focus) energy was followed by owl (transition) energy in your experience brings about the association of a “change in focus” or direction.
Further, both of these magnificent creatures are birds of prey.  They are deft at getting what they want in the most efficient and effective manner.  Therefore, they ask us to use the same stream-lined means at obtaining the objects of our vision for ourselves. 
That both of these birds vocalized themsevels to you may indicate a need for you to use verbalization more clearly in what you are wanting.  These two bird totems encourage us to enunciate our intentions and they move in alliance with our enunciations.

Stategy, concentration, confidence and patience are the watchwords given from both of these creatures.
Indeed, if you feel their calling out was a sign of warning, go with your gut instinct and explore those feelings more.  Call upon hawk and owl for assistance and, thank them for their guidance. 
I hope this brief summary has enabled you to take a few more steps into the depth of animal messages that are available to you.  Take the time to contemplate further this experience with hawk and owl, and you will find more clarity – simply ask these regal birds for there presence, and they will make themselves (and their intentions) known to you. 

Other pages of interest:

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I Love Your Blog Nominees

"I Love Your Blog" CampaignThere are so many phenomenal blogs out on the web, and the “I Love Your Blog” campaign is a fantastic way to spread the word about some amazing information via blog authorities.

The following are my nominees for the “I Love Your Blog” Award (in no specific order):

  • Dream Builders
    Features frequent, purposeful posts from Liara, an expert in dream interpretation. Her posts are thought-provoking and engaging.  Dreams aren’t the only insights you’ll see on this blog – inspirations ranging from motivational tips, angels, and consciousness. A unique and valuable blog.  
  • Bubo’s Blog
    Mark’s mythology blog rolls out a red carpet for curious newbies and seasoned mythology buffs alike.  Personal touches make well-founded blog entries fun to read.  I always smile when I stop by Bubo’s Blog, and always feel right at home.  A must-read blog for anyone wanting to re-discover the rich, romantic, magical world of mythology. 
  • Eso’s Garden
    A long standing favorite of mine, hundreds of posts – each one points the reader into a new adventure.  With a wide variety of esoteric, spiritual and metaphysical topics, this blog is a daily reader’s stand-by resource.
  • Studio LoLo
    Touching to the heart and uplifting.  The perfect blog to stop at when you need to find your muse…seems like muses love to hang out at LoLo’s.  Calming, sublime, and a feast for the artist in anyone.  LoLo’s is where I go to enjoy art at its spiritual best.
  • Occult of Personality
    Intense, well-researched and deep.  This blog has the most available podcasts relating to subjects of symbolism, occultism, Zen, secret societies, mythology, Tarot, spirituality, meditation and more of same genre.  An outstanding resource to the serious student and expert alike.
  • Under a Violet Sun
    Posts on Jerome’s sight are bright sparkling gems of clarity, insight and reflection.  It’s the understated, or the simplicity in his posts that are savory and enlightening.  He discusses spirituality from the pespective of wicca, and does so by eloquently speaking through the heart of the craft’s purity.
  • Between Old and New Moons 
    Mahud is brilliant, as evident in his posts.  Each post is thought-provoking, and will blow you away with its scope and depth.  Mahud is an excellent source of mythology, and his enthusiasm makes reading/learning a pleasure.  He’s built a great community of like-minds, and his blog is a remarkable statement of his devotion.
  • Mythphile
    An authority with a clear passion for mythology, Ellen brings th subject of mythology to her readers with humor, facts, and style.  I love this blog for its entertainment value as well as its value as an expert resource on mythology.  This blog really is  about all the myth that’s fit to print!

Thanks to this “I Love Your Blog” award I’ve discovered many new, amazing blogs (and noted my gratitude for the tried & true blogs I enjoy).

Spread the awareness by nominating 7 or more blogs YOU enjoy.  This is a great opportunity to give back to the blog authors that have given to you over time.

A Venefica: Meaning of the Name Venefica

The core meaning of venefica can be pulled back to ancient Latin in which the root, vene, suggests veneration and honor.  Further, the root is traced to the planet Venus which was regarded as a major influence in the lives of humans.

Around the first century BC in ancient Rome, certain women (venefica’s) were considered natural intuitives who served the people in a advisory capacity.  These women helped the community to clarify issues, and assist in solving problems all humans encounter in daily life.  Further, they would interpret celestial energies emitting from not only Venus (considered their kindred planet – the planet of Divine Femininity) but from other planets, the stars, the Earth, animals, and other humans.  These women were purported to be “mixers of vital energies” and offered their interpretations for the betterment of the community.  Their interpretations of cosmic energy were considered invaluable and these women were considered honorable oracles to the masses.

It was not until after the crucifixion of The Christ and the subsequent dissemination/revisions of the sacred texts decades later (now known as the gospels of the Bible) that that the term venefica took on a dour tone.

Why?  In the mindset of the time, if there was to be only one message, one God, and only one Light (The Christ) and these entities are depicted in a male aspect – then a divining female with uncommon interpretive skills  (i.e. having perceived power) did not fit the equation.

So, (well-meaning, I’m sure) leaders such as Constantine took measures to reduce those who might be seen as usurping the a divine status quo – particularly females – in this case, venefica’s.  Hence, venefica, takes a negative meaning in the diluted and politically influenced translation of Biblical texts, (within which we are told to admonish the company of venefica’s).

On a personal note, the name was a gift to me, and with it came this history.  The name for me, is a reminder to maintain honor (veneration) as my dominant intent in all matters.