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Common Dream Meaning Video

Monday, March 1st, 2010

While I was with my friend, Michele Knight in NYC we took this short video discussing common dream meaning.

Check out the links below for more information on this *dreamy* topic.   Enjoy!



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Name Dropping. Magical Peeps Part II

Monday, February 15th, 2010
"Trust" By: Ma Deva Padma

"Trust" By: Ma Deva Padma

Earlier in the year I shared a few names of peeps who totally inspire me, and may inspire you too.

This is part deux of the same idea, only these magical peeps are of artful ilk.  Whatever medium, each one of these fabulous souls has touched me deeply. 

What’s more, when I’m stuck in some kind of muck (writers block, emotional rust, barricaded perceptions)…I tip-toe through these artists websites.  Doing so gives me the leverage I need to get unstuck, readjust and swim along as life intended.

I trust you will find equal inspiration from their conveyances.  Check back, as I’ll likely be adding more as time moves on.

In no order:

Donna L. Faber: My friend and soul-sista, Donna’s art has a way of quaking me down to  my oogedy-boogedy shoes.  I own several of her pieces; they hang in my studio office and I can tell you they pack a powerful whallop of creative energy.  See Donna’s work at: (be sure to check out her feminine art  – totally bonzer).

Chiara Fersini: As a writer, it’s frustrating to be wholly struck by various imagery & artful symbolism and not adequately express in word what’s going on in the soul.  That’s what happens when I gaze upon Chiara’s (aka Himitsuhana) art.  Her imagery constantly rips me in half because I am both spellbound, yet unable to describe the sensations set before me.  I can live with that.  Check her out on Flickr: 

Göran Jönsson:  My friend Göran has an old soul, and I’m convinced he’s a descendant of Thor if not Hephaestus.  He takes the cold hard reality of silver and precious metals and molds them into meaningful poetry.  Sleek, simple and packed with symbolism, his sculpted jewelry proffers understated elegance too.  I own one of his pieces and find my demeanor instantly shifted upon donning it.  You can appreciate his work on his website:

Susan Morrison Sims:  Have you ever swirled your finger on the surface of reflective waters?  Peering in, everything in the waters is cast back – but the images are all twirly and dreamy-like.  That’s where Susan (aka: Gypsy-Heart) takes me with her art.  She moves me right out of myself and into various parallels where I can heal, dream and wander.  Let her take you on a trip too:

Norn Cutson: I encountered Norn through Donna Faber, and so thankful for the connection.  His illustrations of classic albums are melodic and utterly macdaddy.  His art takes me on a spin cycle, and never leaves me out to dry.  Crisp, clean, bright and voluptuously vintage. Check out Norn’s goodness here:

James Sutherland: My thoughts lash out in millions of directions, James’ art has the ability to filter my scattered bits into focus.  I love his use of candy-Skittle-colors, they make my corpuscles go “pop” (a very good thing).  His symbolic view is fully refreshing.  When I go off into endless rabbit trails of symbolism looking for a fitting burrow, I find James’ art grounds and centers me.  His expressions are “just right” and comforting.  Be comforted yourself:

L. Caruana:  His rendition of Kali seized me.  So much so, I got it tattooed on my stomach.  I love Caruana’s approach to visual conveyance.  Deeply symbolic, mystical and multi-layered.  Very intense too.  Check out his vibe:

Robert Mendoza:  Some people you just know, @ first sight, they are total super-freaky-keen.  The minute I saw the Magnificent Mr. Mendoza’s work I was electrified.  Be enchanted:

Commandax:  Not one single artist, but a blog devoted to a collection of artists, interviews and images of their work.  I don’t know Commandax, but I love her taste in art.  Not one feature on her blog, Erratic Phenomena , has led to disappointment.  On the contrary, her showcases are illuminating, her views perceptive and her posts enlightening.  See for yourself:

Other artists who rock my world in one way or another…

Keep coming back, I’ll have more to add.

Other soulful kin who inspire me  (part one of this “name dropping” series).

Porcupine: A Symbolic Guide Through Grief

Thursday, February 4th, 2010
Porcupine Symbolism In Times of Grief

Porcupine Symbolism In Times of Grief

My mother-by-marriage (and mother-by-heart) passed away on Monday. 

Her transition naturally triggers a chain reaction for every soul she touched in her life, including me.

It’s been numbing.  Also, it’s been very telling to observe how each human copes so differently with the physical loss of our beloved.

Equally intriguing is the observance of various energies surfacing amidst raw human emotion.

Upon every encounter with physical death, the Porcupine wobbles into my presence with aplomb.  It enters my awareness with a casual authority, squatty legs shuffling through my mind, my meditations, moving through my moods.

I observe those quills as I have in the past, and know with piercing clarity the ability to barb in reactive situations.  So, I become mindful of my tongue & the energy I’m outputting in these moments of crude emotion.  Porcupine quills are slightly snagged at the tip making them neigh impossible to remove.  Once they meet their target those clever darts tend to stay put. 

 I keep my quills in-check these days following the death of my mother; keeping close watch on my behavior so as not to cause damage that cannot be undone.

Thankfully, those quills are multi-purpose.  Did you know they serve as floating devices?  Very apropos.  In murky pools of turbulent emotion, I feel my energetic quills fanning out – filled with air, they keep me afloat.  When waves of melancholy and morose moods threaten to overcome, Porcupine ingenuity keeps me buoyant, solvent, topside.

Also, mom’s passing and the ensuing madness are tailor-made for burrowing, something the Porcupine and I do together in silence.  Retreat.  Withdraw.  Porc’s don’t hibernate, but they are masters at holing up until the sun chooses to show itself again.

Which reminds me, Porcupines are considered solar or fire animals in many cultures.  Their quills are likened to sun rays spanning out from our solar orb.    I take comfort in this, as I am reminded of the radiant nature of my mom, she was a penetrating light and a presence of compassionate warmth to all who knew her – including me. 

I also find it fitting that aboriginal Nigerians paid special homage to the Porcupine, and saw the creature as a liaison to the spirit-realms. I totally dig this association.  With its unassuming candor, the Porcupine is a perfect travel guide through the veils of parallel life/lives. 

My Native American kin tell me the Porcupine is also an “in-between” walker.  With nonchalance, it moves through shadows of life and death…  straddling weird and paradoxical realities with aloof matter-of-fact’ness.

For these and many more reasons, the Porcupine has a stoic calm that proves invaluable in times of excruciating grief.   This totemic guide also opens channels of curious awareness – which, in solemn pits of sorrow can be priceless. 

The Porcupine delivers a childlike sense of wonder, which breathes new life in topics of death.  Adjustable focus, silver linings, awe, inspiration – all effective tools for healing in times like these.

In both life and physical death the Porcupine remains a remarkably effective compatriot:   A reminder, a guardian, a friend, and of course, a consummate flotation device in consumptive, emotional waves.

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Thanks to Moosealope on Flickr for the Porcupine image above.