Palm Tree Symbolism

Palm Tree Symbolism
Palm Tree Symbolism

This post is an addendum to a page I wrote about palm tree symbolism on my other site.

A quick overview of symbolic attributes pertaining to the palm tree include:

  • Freedom
  • Righteousness
  • Bounty
  • Resurrection
  • Victory
  • Happy Returns

In the Qabalah, the palm is an icon for Judea after the Exodus – a symbol of triumph over adversity.  Further, the palm is one of the four physical symbolic representations displayed during the Sukkot to celebrate divine bounty and abundance. 

As a love symbol, the palm is a symbol of fertility.  The erect spine of the palm signifies the phallus (male principle), whereas the fruit of the palm represents the ovaries (female principle). 

The palm is also a symbol for longevity, as it produces fruit for many, many years.

In the Tarot, the palm is seen depicted with the High Priestess where it takes on meanings of balance, unification of duality, and ripeness of wisdom.

As a dream symbol the palm speaks of attaining a higher vantage point – indicating a deeper need for achievement or recognition.

Palms are also good luck symbols in that historically they are strewn upon the path of returning heros from battle, and returning pilgrims to the Holy Land.  Here palms are symbolic of safe returns, happy homecomings, safety and assurance.

I’m particularly fond of the Asian symbolism of the palm in which it is a symbol of renewal.  In fact, legend has it the palm holds the nest of the phoenix – thus fortifying the renewal theme.

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