Symbolic Numerology: Meaning of Same Sequence Numbers

same sequence numbersA reader wrote to me saying she was seeing the same sequence numbers all the time. For example, she would see 111 on her digital clock, 444 on her parking ticket, 888 as her change back from a purchase, etc.

She was curious about the meaning of same sequence numbers, and asked my thoughts about the phenomenon, to which I respond:

Numbers have very clean energy. They are what they are – they are consistent and timeless.

This is why they are so great as oracles or messengers because they provide a foundation (i.e., A three will always mean the same. Likewise, an eight will always carry the same meaning too).

The only variables will be the context in which we observe these numbers. For example, our observation, thought, even our life situation is a variable against the structural foundation of numbers.

Numbers are made of energy – just like you and me.

It is my belief we coax experiences to us. Meaning, your 111’s, 222’s, 333’s, etc. come about due to a specific energetic frequency you are emitting these numbers find attractive. Like a magnet, they are drawn to you.

We might even say our own deeper selves are serving as ventriloquists – speaking out an energetic echo that is returned to us. These echo messages often come to us in numbers BECAUSE numbers are so clean, simple, and universal. Whereas other energetic systems might be more difficult for our every-day-consciousness to pickup & interpret.

When we see the same number repeated, it often indicates an ordering in our lives. A desire, thought or will to have more order and organization in our lives.

On the flipside, I’ve also had people tell me repeated numbers come to them when they are trying to over-control the situation, and they’ve interpreted the recurring repetition as a message to let go, or surrender to a situation in which they have no real control.

Same number sequences also speak to us of repetition. It brings to mind the adage “practice makes perfect.” Repeated numbers sometimes come to us as a message telling us we must not give up on our mission, we must endeavor to persevere.

Repeating numbers are also an emphasis of the original meanings. For example, if you see repeating 1’s this energy is asking you to bring home, or center upon the meaning of the prime number (one).

You can look at some basic meanings of numbers on my website here where I have the prime meanings listed:

I’ve also started an intensive study on prime numbers here:

That you are seeing three of these numbers in a row suggests a desire to express creativity, as the number three is about creative flow, reproduction, and manifesting results in our lives by combining our creative talents.

Three’s repeated in same number sequences (like you’ve indicated: 111, 222, 777, etc.) also serves as a calling out for us to culminate our energies into one driving force. Three is a special sequence – it presents a center core with two supporting elements (think triangle).

Therefore, sequences of three may be asking you (the core) to incorporate support (side elements) in your endeavors. 

It is important for you to know these are just suggestions and ideas. Even the website references I’ve given you are merely pointers in a direction.

Only you are able to interpret the meaning properly. Use these suggestions as a loose guide until you work with these numbers to the point in which you’ve satisfied your own curiosity.

How can you work with numbers to reveal their personal meaning for you? Here are some ideas:

  • Draw them
  • write them
  • journal them
  • paint them
  • sing them
  • dance out numbered rhythms
  • drum their rhythms
  • find them in the clouds
  • observe them in the Tarot
  • count them out in your M&M’s or cornflakes
  • speak them
  • count backwards
  • breathe in number patterns
  • count stitches (yes, like needlepoint)
  • randomly open your favorite book & observe the number page for assistance in meaning.

In all of these activities, be mindful of each number. Be present to each moment and be with each number wholly. Answers will come when we are diligent, willing, and still enough to listen.

My light and best wishes to you.

5 thoughts on “Symbolic Numerology: Meaning of Same Sequence Numbers”

  1. In order to clarify your grasp of particular numbers, logic addicts may also advise you to discover how you fare in a game of “Sudoku.”

    We all have conscious and unconscious awareness of associations with particular numbers; from our date of birth, to anniversaries, to other milestones we wish to remember or hope to forget. You can combine numbers to make images like hieroglyphics, which may draw your attention to your past lives or links with other cultures. You are only limited to your imagination and level of awareness of expanding consciousness. This may come to you in dreams or in what you assume is waking life. (Some people believe they only truly ‘awaken’ when they leave the physical world)

  2. Hi Liara,

    Excellent observations & great advice…I particularly like the concept of making our own hieroglyphs with numerals – marvelous!


  3. You have no grasp of what you are speaking of.
    You give very vague and abstact advice that can be gleaned from common sense. It’s not that you create any harm, but there is so much more to it than what you portray. I would hope that people theat come across your site while searching for 111 or 1111 or 444 would not just stop here.

    Best regards

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