Balancing Chakras Through Symbolic Visualization

I get many emails on how to balance the chakras.  There are many ways, but the following is my response offering two different ways I use to balance chakras through symbolic visualization:

Two methods of balancing chakras through symbolic visualization

I find the best way to balance the chakras is to visually meditate upon them.  Find some good illustrations of them and picture each chakra in your mind.

Now…visualize each center lotus within the chakra as a pinwheel…spinning and moving.  When you are in tune to the being that is you – you will notice some of the “pinwheels” in your chakras are moving faster than others.  For example, when I first started this excercise, I noticed my solar plexus chakra was moving very slowly, yet my crown chakra was spinning wildly. This is an indication of an imbalance.

The object of this practice is to maintain all your chakras spinning at about the same rate…and this should be a smooth steady pace…as if the loving universe is the calm wind, gently turning your pinwheels in a peaceful easy rhythm.

You see?

Another separate practice I enjoy is to focus on the colors of the chakras. Also while meditating…go through each of the chakras and focus on the color of each.  Feel the color, taste it, hear it…what does the color of the heart (green) chakra feel like?  Taste like?  Sound like?  Imagine that every cell in your body is flooded with the color.  Your blood is the color of the chakra (this gets kind of trippy with the blue throat chakra…or any of them that is not what the mind typically considers the red color of our blood)…visualize your hair, nails, and teeth the color of the chakra…BE the color of each chakra.  Go through each chakra color, practicing the experience of each color. 

You will find after awhile you will become more intimate with the concept…the feeling of each chakra…their purpose, and prime essence…this, in turn, will enable you to more easily go about the business of balancing them.  You will find as you learn and understand more about your chakras – you will begin to instantly be aware when one or several are out of balance.

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3 thoughts on “Balancing Chakras Through Symbolic Visualization”

  1. I am glad that I have read this. I have been in need of aligning my chakras for quite sometime. I will try this… Thank you for you knowledge, and insight…

  2. Hi Jeremy,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I find it no coincidence that a group of friends and I were meditating on the chakras last night. Your comment serves as a confirmation that we’re all on the right Path in our Journey. Thanks again.

  3. loved your actale on the charkras and symboles look to the pae and there full of very good info bless

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